Esco D2/D5 CNC

Productivity of a cam with the flexibility of a CNC

Main advantages :

  • Fastest turning machine for precise manufacturing of simple parts between 0.3 to 4.0mm diameter in large or small lot sizes
  • The front machining unit holds two drilling spindles, one threading/tapping spindle, and one counter collet with programmable positioning.
  • Uses coil or bar stock, which does not rotate in the machine. Instead, cutting tools mounted on a spinning tool head rotate around the material
  • Coil stock takes up less space than traditional bar feeders and also reduces material waste
  • Built-in coil feeder/straightener creates standard bar stock inline.
  • Material is fed through a guide bush to the tool head which holds four cutting tools rotating at speeds up to 12,000 rpm.
  • Easy to use CNC control maintains advantages of cam driven machines
  • Safe for 24 hour production
  • Backed by Tornos’ first class service and support

Esco D2/D5 CNC
Maximum diameter


Maximum number of cutting tools 2
Number of spindles 2
Drilling diameter


Drilling length


Maximum speed of counter spindle