escomatic by Tornos US


For over 50 years, the ESCO company has been dedicated to and specialized in the development and manufacturing of coil and bar fed automatic and numerical controlled lathes used for the production of small diameter parts ranging from 0.5 to 8 mm. The very high performance Escomatic principle (stationary stock and rotating tool head) enables the machining of round and profiled material from coil with a very high productivity at low costs.

Unlike conventional lathes, Esco by Tornos turning centers accept coil stock in addition to bar stock, which has several unique benefits for parts in the Esco range of up to 8 mm in diameter. Coil stock requires less floor space and eliminates the downtime caused by bar stock changeover. It also produces less scrap than bar stock for parts in the Esco range.

In Esco by Tornos machines, the cutting tools (mounted onto the spinning tool head) rotate around the material. This concept works equally well for the manufacturing of small, medium and large lot size parts, and contributes to the extremely high performance and cost savings achieved with escomatic machines.

All Esco by Tornos machines are backed by Tornos’ first class service and support and are used in a variety of industrial sectors including :

  • Connector manufacturing
  • Electronics and information technology
  • Automobile industry
  • Audio, video and office equipment
  • Watchmaking and jewelery
  • Lock manufacturing
  • Medical and dental components