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SAS 16.6

Very high-precision cam-type multi-spindle machine

Main advantages

  • Very high productivity, up to 80 workpieces/min.
  • The most precise cam-type multi-spindle machine on the market
  • Numerous special devices available
  • Possible to work 2x3 for simple workpieces

Over the years, the SAS 16.6 has acquired legendary status. Extremely reliable, precise and productive, it is a very profitable machine. The low weight of the barrel allowed Tornos engineers to obtain smoother indexing thanks to the reduced inertia. Moreover, Tornos, a world leader in small-capacity multi-spindle machines, has over 70 years' experience.

More than 6500 Tornos machines operate every day throughout the world. The SAS 16.6 follows on from the AS 14, SAS 16 and SAS 16 DC multi-spindle machines.

SAS 16.6

Maximum diameter


Ø16/Hex. 13/Square 11 mm

Max. workpiece length



Production process


3 to 80

Spindle max. power


7.5 (11)

Max. torque


47.7 (70)

Total number of tool positions