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Turn your staff into true programming, handling and maintenance masters, and empower them to deliver the productivity you expect and the peerless quality your customers require. Our expert training—including in TB-DECO, TISIS, PLED programming and maintenance education—is delivered by our highly experienced instructors at our headquarters or on your site anywhere in the world.

Engineered for intuitive and easy use,

Tornos machines offer a vast range of options and enable myriad processes.

Add value to your processes, applications and products by providing your employees with the training to make them programming, handling and maintenance experts. Enjoy optimal return on your machine investment, thanks to the smooth and thorough knowledge transfer enabled by Tornos instructors’ deep technical expertise, keen understanding of key processes and applications across your industrial segments.

Take your employees’ skills and your machine utilization to a new level with Tornos’ expert training.

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