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Working at Tornos...

Tornos Group is one of the global leaders for the development, production and distribution of Swiss-type automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines. The company’s history dates back to 1880 and marked the beginning of Swiss-type lathe technology. Tornos primarily manufactures CNC Swiss-type (sliding headstock) turning machines, multi-spindle machines with numerical or cam control, Through a global sales and service network, unique solutions are supplied to customers in dedicated market segments such as Automotive, Medical and dental technology, Micromechanics, and Electronics

Headquartered in Moutier, Switzerland, Tornos offers its customers a range of services which emphasize the process of dialogue and delivers the same high-quality service:

At Tornos, 100% commitment to customers and the aim of reaching 100% customer satisfaction are not just empty ideas, but the core philosophy which drives the overall culture within our company

With a presence in more than 80 countries, we look for talented people to grow our business, develop our products and contribute to our unique culture.