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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of our flagship DECO machines while getting exclusive savings and access to the latest DECO technology. We’re making it easy for you to trade up to a new EvoDECO by offering you 40’000 EUR (32'000 GBP) on your existing DECO machine. And —once your new EvoDECO is configured— you’ll benefit from a special price.*

Contact us today and take the first step toward reaching highest productivity.

* Trade up conditions: the machine is able to produce and is not damaged. Offer available until the 31th of December 2017.

Turn to
the latest technology

Turn to full options

Achieve a truly smooth transition from DECO to EvoDECO. With a complete lineup of options on the machine base, each EvoDECO includes all the motorizations for live tools, latest CNC technology FANUC 31iB5, C-axis, and central lubrication. Because the EvoDECO is evolved from the renowned DECO range, its technologies are already familiar to  you—and the EvoDECO accommodates your existing tool holders and programming logic.

EvoDECO 10a

Turn to
high productivity

Easily make the leap to higher productivity with the EvoDECO’s fast acceleration and deceleration. Go from zero to maximum machine speed in less than a second, thanks to its unique motor spindle. The EvoDECO range retains the DECO’s highly productive, modular and dynamic kinematics, so you can engage four tools in the cut. Tackle hard materials with ease, due to this solution’s improved stiffness and thermal behavior. Plus, balancing your programming is an easy matter, because each EvoDECO features the same power in both main and counter operations.

EvoDECO 10

Turn to
greater profitability

Slash your maintenance costs due to better ergonomics, central lubrication and an auto cleaning filter. Quickly change your setup, thanks to excellent machining area access and a new touchscreen PC. Profit from extreme flexibility by programming directly on the machine or from an external PC.

Other benefits:

  • Highest productivity on the market
  • Most modular machine of the market;
    tackle any part in any configuration
  • Most powerful and dynamic spindle available today
  • No extra operator training is needed
  • Increase your machining capability
  • Latest FANUC® technology
  • Program with TB DECO or ISO with TISIS
  • Monitor and supervise your production
  • Integrated PC touch screen
  • Experience improved ergonomics with
    greater accessibility to the machining area
  • Use the same tool holders and attachments

Turn to the future,
turn to Tornos

Advance your production capacity with the new EvoDECO, the market’s most powerful and dynamic spindles, whatever diameter you choose. Machine faster and extend the lifetime of your tools, due to the new EvoDECO’s bed that is optimized for improved stiffness and thermal behavior. You’ll manufacture your series fast and within tolerance, thanks to this solution’s thermal behavior and pre-heating system. These game-changing advanges are backed by the EvoDECO’s incredible kinematics—a unique concept allowing you to manufacture parts with up to four tools in the cut simultaneously and a modularity that makes it easy to adapt the machine to your parts. No other machine on the market approaches this degree of sophistication. And—with an EvoDECO 16’s optional B axis and the EvoDECO 10’s new Y4 axis—you get a strong gear hobbing solution.

Get all these benefits—and more—without changing your production philosophy, because you can keep your DECO tool holder and your DECO program on your new EvoDECO.

The most productive and
powerful machines on the market

Easily take on the most demanding machining operations with the EvoDECO: the pinnacle of the Tornos range and the most powerful and productive solution on the market. Available in four diameters—10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 32 mm—the EvoDECO’s unparalleled flexibility allows this solution to efficiently produce the most complex workpieces while ensuring rapid setup changes.

  • Unique productivity thanks to four independent tool systems
  • Motor power
  • Flexibility enabling the production of the most complex workpieces thanks to the modular tool system
  • B axis (EvoDECO 16)
EvoDECO   10/10 10/8 16/10 20 32
Maximum diameter


10 10 16 20 32
Number of linear axes   10 8 10 10 10
Number of C axes   2 2 2 2 2
B axis   - - Option - -
Number of independent tool systems   4 3 4 4 4
Total number of tool positions   18 15 20 27 27
Position for rotating tools   13 10 15 21 21
EvoDECO machines

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We have a special offer waiting for you when you trade in your legacy DECO device to receive a discount on the latest generation EvoDECO machines! Don’t wait up and let us provide you the details on this amazing offer.

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