Tornos EvoDECO

EN : Tornos EvoDECO unique performances EN : Tornos EvoDECO unique performances

EvoDECO unique performance

The EvoDECO Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes by Tornos always go up to their individual limits - and even a little bit further - to set ever new standards. That is exactly where their strengths lie. Thanks to their unique flexibility, they effortlessly and efficiently produce even the most complex workpieces independently of the diameter. Four different models available: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, and 32 mm

The Most Powerful Spindles On The Market.

Equipped with ultra-dynamic synchronous motors, the spindles accelerate and decelerate 4 times faster than the asynchronous spindles of other machines.

The identical power in main and counter spindle facilitates the programming of well balanced machining sequences - in this way, the spindles grant a constant torque inpendently of the rotating speed.

Most Powerful Kinematics On The Market

Using the completely inependent tool systems, the kinematics of the EvoDECO achieve what no other machine on the market offers: 3 tools machine the workpiece in the main spindle while a 4th tool cuts the part in the counter spindle. To put it in a nutshell, this is: Unique! Next to these brillant achievements, the automatic lathes of the EvoDECO series give you completely free hand in selecting the tool typology; the machines elegantly adapt to your demands and requirements and effortlessly assume either the role of an automatic lathe or that of a milling machine and vice versa.

Virtually Unlimited Machining Options For The Most Complex Machining Tasks

Thread whirling , polygon machining, angular milling, roughing and finishing, operation in differential oder contouring mode, double thread whirling, deep hole drilling - these are just a few disciplines from which the EvoDECO series emerges the winner.

Process-parallel machining in the counter spindle in 3 axes

Thanks to its counter spindle being entirely equal to the main spindle in power and speed, the machines of the EvoDECO series are not only true "power packs" but also real top performers!

Using 3 linear axes deployable in counter machining, the counter spindle block may also be operated with specific attachments - like e.g. a thread whirler, high-frequency spindles or an inclined drilling unit.

Do not hesiate and visit the nearest Tornos representation to assure yourself with your own eyes of the impressing potential 'hiding' in our EvoDECOs.

Technical specifications

EvoDECO 10/10 10/8 16/10 10/8 20 32
Maximum diameter


10 10 16 16 20 32
Number of linear axes 10 8 10 8 10 10
Number of C axes 2 2 2 2 2 2
Number of independent tool systems 4 3 4 3 4 4
Total number of tool positions 18 15 20 16 27 27
Position for rotating tools 13 10 15 12 21 21

Brochure EvoDECO 10-16
Brochure EvoDECO 20-32

EN : Tornos EvoDECO unique performances