Bar milling

BA 1008

Based on the SwissNano, the BA 1008 is an ultra-compact, high-precision bar miller. Fast and efficient, thanks to its multi-spindle technology, this machining centre guarantees excellent productivity.


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BA 1008 HP

Based on the same design as the BA 1008, the BA 1008 HP is an ultra-compact bar miller equipped with multi-spindle technology and a high-pressure unit for through-spindle cooling. The BA 1008 HP is a flexible, compact, precise and efficient production tool.

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BA 1008 XT

The configuration of the BA 1008 XT significantly increases the machining options, enabling the manufacture of parts previously impossible to produce. It can house up to 8 spindles and two tool changers for a maximum capacity of 23 tools.

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CU 2007

CU 2007运用瑞士专业技术将动态性能和出色的可靠性相结合,使Almac能够为客户提供真正创新的解决方案。 综合的标准设备与公司工程师的专业知识,一起为生产复杂工件创造了最佳条件。

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CU 3007

CU 3007运用瑞士专业技术将动态性能和出色的可靠性相结合,使Almac能够为客户提供真正创新的解决方案。 综合的标准设备与公司工程师的专业知识,一起为生产复杂工件创造了最佳条件。

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