ACB Plus

Boosting the availability of your machine!


Cutting-edge technology to improve productivity 

Based on low-frequency technology, the unique ACB Plus (Active Chip Breaker Plus) system enables the longitudinal axes to vibrate in synchronization with the machine spindle. This results in a short interruption of the cutting process so chips can be expelled in a controlled manner. Chip formation management is therefore achieved to eradicate any previous chip control issues.



The benefits of ACB Plus :

  • Enables programmable chip breaking management through continuous chip breakages in the course of the cutting process.
  • Prevents chips from becoming entangled or getting caught around the workpiece or tool.
  • Significantly reduces the need for high-pressure coolant.
  • Is ideal for difficult-to-machine materials and malleable materials that generate chips that are difficult to keep under control.
  • Improves the drilling efficiency thanks to the small chip size.
  • Significantly increases your productivity and the safety of your machining process.
  • Permits longer periods
  • Very attractive price*

*option to update a large number of our products at an additional cost



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