Our successes

Screw-cutting industry parts are at the heart of daily life. From cars, guitars, bicycles, watches and jewelry to satellites, our machines have almost no limits!

Discover the our customers' successes in the pages of our decomagazine as well as in our videos:

Success Story #1: TFT & Tornos

Tornos visits TFT Formation in Franche-Comté. Our reporters went to TFT Formation and followed one of the trainers, Stephane, who has an unparalleled ability with his Swiss ST 26. Find out how he supports companies by enabling them to produce relatively complex parts.

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Success Story #2: Redel & Tornos

Tornos meets innovative Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, connector company Redel, specializing in the manufacture of connectors, produced in part on our MultiSwiss. This multispindle range enables them to produce 15 complex parts per minute—a record! Discover our report detailing the heart of the machining process.

Success Story #3 - Gloor & Tornos

Gloor Brothers Ltd is an owner-managed family business based in Burgdorf, Switzerland. For more than 70 years, the regulation of pressure and flow of technical gases has been its core competence.

Success Story #4 - Microdec & Tornos

Microdec SA is a company specialised in precision turning, located in the canton of Jura. The company is particularly active in the watch, jewellery, equipment, medical and aeronautical sectors.

Partnership - CAAJ & Tornos

The CAAJ (Centre d’Apprentissage de l’Arc Jurassien) was founded in 2012 to meet the high demand for training personnel in technical professions. At the beginning of the project, nine apprenticeship employers from the Swiss Jura Mountains intended to offer so-called dual training for young people from the region.