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22 TB DECO - How to create a new part MultiSwiss TB-DECO

Discover all the functions of TB-DECO, a user-friendly software that works in an intuitive and visual way. Episode #1: "How to create a new part ». Useful documents: Tool line and Process & Drawing

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21 Personal template TISIS

Aware that each company has very specific needs, TISIS allows its users to create their own template programs.

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20 Parts traceability ISO Machines

Now Tornos machines allow you to trace all of your parts.

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19 Alternative threading ISO machines

The process is characterised by the fact that the workpiece is threaded with two tools instead of one.

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18 Part control station TCP The Tornos Control Panel (TCP) is equipped with 4 USB ports. This makes it very easy to make full use of the panel and its large screen. You can add a number of peripherals to it to simplify your daily life. As for example: keyboard, camera, etc.
17 TCP “Dual” EvoDECO A smooth transition with the "Dual" solution. At any time, you can easily switch from "TB-DECO" to "TISIS" and vice versa.
16 Engraving TISIS Optimove

With TISIS, it is now easy to program engraving of your workpieces.

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15 “Green Motion” Mode TISIS Optimove "Green Motion" mode allows you to slow down unproductive rapid movements if doing so does not penalise the overall cycle time for the workpiece. In other words, it allows a tool to move into position to start machining just in time.
14 Turning grooves and plunge cuts TISIS Optimove TISIS provides an easy way to program grooves and plunge cuts.
13 Postprocessor Optimove ISO machines

With powerful algorithms, the computer "Optimove" generates trajectories of very sharp axes. It becomes very easy and fast to program complex trajectories without having to use CAM.

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12 "Twister" turning TISIS Optimove

TISIS Optimove now benefits from a new innovative turning process. The "TWISTER" turning.

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11 Gear hobbing TISIS Optimove

TISIS Optimove allows you to program straight gear hobbing and helical gear hobbing with the utmost ease.

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10 Polygoning TISIS Optimove

TISIS Optimove allows you to program from simple traditional polygon to helical polygon with variable pitch with ease.

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9 Partial cut ISO machines

Manually retrieve your parts at the guidebush !

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8 First and last part EvoDECO TB-DECO In this edition, we will explain how to manage the first and last part in your series of parts.
7 Simultaneous drilling ISO machines A large number of Tornos machines can benefit from a bidirectional end base. To win in cycle time it is interesting to do a drilling operation and counter operation simultaneously.
6 Turbo Process ISO machines Tornos now provides its customers with a new part machining process. This "Turbo" model is intended for users wishing to achieve optimal cycle time thanks to an innovative process.
5 Tornos Machining Macros ISO machines For some years now, Tornos has offered its customers its famous program sequencing macros which automate a part cycle. Tornos is now going one step further, offering macros for its ISO machines that are referred to as "machining" macros and "unproductive" macros.
4 B Macro ISO machines The B macro is a programming language whose parameters are set on FANUC numerical controls. It allows you to make your programs smart.
3 Long parts ISO machines On a machine, machining a part that is longer than the stroke of the machine main spindle in a single feeding is impossible. This is why Tornos now offers the chance of feeding several times a given quantity of material for a single part.
2 User friendliness during production ISO machines To illustrate the user friendliness offered by Tornos machines during production monitoring and during machining of the first part (program fine-tuning).
1 Cycle time optimisation ISO machines This first edition addresses a vital topic in the world of lathe machine operation, namely: cycle time.

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