Our sustainability initiative

Tornos has launched its “Turning sustainable” initiative, regrouping all of the Group’s activities linked to sustainability and environment, social, and governance (ESG) and supporting the ongoing global paradigm change.

The energy crisis is accelerating this change and we are constantly taking action to meet our stakeholders’ requirements.

Our program is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and takes into consideration the legal frame introduced in Switzerland.

The first non-financial reporting will be published in 2024 for the year 2023.

Sustainability vision

We strive to develop products and services that respect the fundamental rights of human beings and the environment. We align our sustainability goals with the United Nations SDGs, according to the priorities set by the company.


Sustainability mission

Tornos works toward sustainable development by seeking solutions that meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Convinced of our social responsibility, Tornos is committed to implementing the necessary means to ensure the well-being of its employees and their families, as well as its business partners.


Sustainability strategy

To implement its sustainability initiative, Tornos relies on two programs defined at international and national levels, namely the United Nations SDGs and the Swiss Confederation’s Agenda 2030. The company will also rely on the European Green Deal guidelines to stay on track.

Our sustainability strategy will focus on the following areas:

  1. Working on the energy consumption and weight of our products
  2. Reducing our fossil energy consumption and promoting renewable energies
  3. Optimizing transport and relocation of activities to strategic centers
  4. Respect for human rights and equal treatment regardless of gender, race and religion
  5. Willingness to promote women within the Tornos Group
  6. Valuing our employees
  7. Long-term relationships with our business partners

Ongoing actions


  • Energy efficiency and climate protection program with Swiss Cleantech Agency (ACT) in connection with our target agreement established with the Swiss Confederation in 2017 and valid until at least 2025, with the following main focuses:
  • Improvement of the building envelope: insulation, new windows, etc.
  • Replacement of old elevator, hoist, and motor installation, etc., with efficient models
  • Optimization of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
  • Upgrade of lighting with LEDs, automatic on/off switches, motion detectors and twilight dimmers
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes of machines used in our own production.

Infrastructure improvements through:

  • Reorganization of the use of heated surfaces on the production site in Switzerland by densifying the activity zones
  • Relocation of our activities on one production site in Switzerland
  • Installation of solar panels on the roof of the plant in Switzerland (scheduled for March 2023)
  • New plant in Taiwan
  • Wood chip heating plant project in Switzerland (scheduled for 2025–2026)


  • Continuous program for waste reduction
  • Increased recycling of material
  • Refurbishment of used machines via the DECO 10 Plus program (circular economy)
  • Reduction of consumables via installation of centrifugal systems and other peripherals on our machines


Energy consumption

  • Reduction of our machines’ and peripherals’ energy consumption
  • Improvement of our machining processes
  • Saving mode and other saving options via our TISIS software (preheating, switch-off mode) on our products
  • EcoProd pilot project (Started in September 2022)


Prolong the life of our machines:

  • Training and maintenance interventions
  • Continuous optimization of the machines and peripherals
  • Enhancing eco-conception


Circular economy 

  • Deco 10+

Our initiatives




  • Equal treatment of men and women
  • Corporate values and community for values to bring the values to life
  • Internal communication tool to enhance communication and winning spirit in the company
  • Collection of staff good ideas for energy and other resource savings (cleaning products, paper, water, etc.)
  • Applying the good "Quality, Health, Safety and Environment" practices of our customers, partners and other suppliers
  • Various contests and challenges with technical schools to attract new people and get new ideas

Our sustainability initiative