Medical & Dental

We are your partner at the frontier of medtech innovation.

Your challenges

In the highly competitive medical and dental device manufacturing market, outpacing and outperforming competitors depends on a variety of factors. You’re a precision machining specialist and you depend on the latest know-how to overcome your challenges. These include:

  • Getting your foot in the door in the first place by conquering the demanding production
  • Keeping your costs in check while increasing productivity
  • Gaining the fast setup essential to producing increasingly small batches of parts—including burr-free parts—due to increased personalization of medical and dental devices
  • Managing new materials in addition to conventional turnable materials
  • Maintaining the highly precise processes necessary to manufacture increasingly complex parts 
  • Mastering technological changes, such as going from Swiss-type to multispindle turning
  • Consistently delivering the high-quality, complaint parts your customers demand—and on which patients depend

Your ability to thrive within these parameters is one of your best means of success.

Our experience

With decades of close partnership with medical/dental suppliers and OEMs worldwide, Tornos provides tools and in-depth application knowhow for a wide variety of devices, from bone screws to medical electronics components. Our medtech customers worldwide know that they can rely on us—it’s rare to find a medtech OEM without a Tornos solution in its machine fleet. 

Central to our deep knowledge of Swiss-type and multispindle turning—including milling, thread whirling, drilling and stamping—is our vast knowledge of conventional and emerging materials. We know stainless steels by heart, as well as titanium, PEEK, cobalt chromium and emerging hybrid materials. We push our solutions to their limits in search of the perfect combination of tools, coolants, temperatures and materials, and we are relentless in our pursuit of optimal cycle times, producing the perfect, highly precise burrfree parts. We pride ourselves on our solutions’ ability to grip a part from the inside over a thread and after a thread due to two special clamping systems that can be integrated on the counter spindle, and we have mastered what are likely the smallest and longest holes ever created by a Swiss-type lathe. 

If you are looking for a partner unwilling to back down from even the most formidable challenge, we invite you to experience Tornos. We keep you turning.