Our culture

Our culture

Company culture is closely linked to our strategy. Just as animals cannot survive il they do not adapt in their environment, a company cannot survive if it does not adjust to the outside world. Therefore, having an open mind and being ready to learn and support each other are essential to guarantee the success of the company and to open new markets by specialization. Attitude and values therefore are key factors for the well-being of all.

Our values

Values are essential to forging a common identity - a new company culture - for the whole Tornos Group in order to align our behaviors and practices with our ambitions (our strategy and our products).

What we suscribe to

We are convinced that we perform well when everyone gives their best. We therefore strive to make you feel at ease in your professional environment.

Our responsibilities must be fullfilled and innovation must be at the heart of our activities.

Each of us, developing our full potential, becomes one of the pioneers of Tornos' success and the successes of our customers.