Thermal precision

Precision and heat regulation

The machine's precision is closely linked to its temperature response characteristics. The machine's temperature is fully controlled via the cutting oil which is monitored by a plate heat exchanger. The machine's core is kept at a constant temperature, even when stopped, to ensure normal operation during production. To improve efficiency, the regulation system can be pre-programmed in order to reduce the machine's standard heating times.

In addition to the traditional built-in refrigeration system, the MultiSwiss features a plate heat exchanger designed to be connected to the company's centralised network. This type of system means that cooling equipment does not need to be fitted to each machine, which fits perfectly into many companies' energy-saving policies. The trend looking forwards is to have a centralised cold water circuit. The MultiSwiss is designed to be connected directly into the central network. The highly accurate regulation provided by the exchanger on the MultiSwiss guarantees precision.

Nevertheless, as many companies do not yet have this technology, the machine has been designed so that a cooler can be integrated to enable the machine to work autonomously. This option also enables interested companies to fit an external cooler in confined spaces. The machine is in charge of regulation.