MultiSwiss 6x32 Chucker

Ultra compact, ultra efficient and ultra quick

The new MultiSwiss 6x32 Chucker is capable of machining parts from 5 mm to 50 mm in diameter.

It delivers three key benefits:

  • The spindles allow different clamping systems to be used for push collets, pull collets or chucks.
  • This means that it is possible to grip parts which are larger than 32 mm.
  • More compact machine body to conserve floor space • Integration of through-spindle cooling

High-performance automation system, less than 6 seconds for loading/unloading operations With the same kinematics as the MultiSwiss 6x32, the MultiSwiss 6x32 Chucker has six spindles, and can be equipped with up to three Y axes, and four secondary operation tools. Part handling, cleaning and measuring can also be integrated into one elegant, compact, well-designed solution.

Internal and external handling

A complete range of handling options adds even more value and autonomy for customers who turn to the MultiSwiss 6x32 Chucker as their chucker machining solution of choice. Two different loading systems are available:

  • Unloading can be performed via the back spindle as with a standard MultiSwiss machine.
  • Unloading can also be performed with a robot either out of the main spindle (no need for secondary operation) or from the secondary operation if the user prefers palletisation of the part. When the robot is used for unloading and palletisation of the part, a swivelling carousel is used and separates the machining area and the palletisation unit, where a second robot loads and unloads from the swivelling carousel, thereby ensuring a faster, cleaner solution.