We focus on three main strategic areas of sustainability to create long-term value for our stakeholders and shape a sustainable future.

Climate and energy

> Taking every step to reduce our footprint

We are taking every step to reduce our carbon footprint, by decreasing emissions and enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Working on the energy consumption and weight of our products
  • Reducing our fossil energy consumption and promoting renewable energies
  • Optimizing transport and relocating activities to strategic centers


> Empowering individuals for the collective good

We give our employees opportunities and as well as environments in which to develop their talents, feel respected, and thrive.

  • Respect for human rights and equal treatment regardless of gender, race and religion
  • Willingness to promote women within the Tornos Group
  • Valuing our employees

Responsible supply chain

> Cascading sustainability worldwide

We work with our global supplier network to ensure our sustainability principles are upheld throughout our value chain.

  • Long-term relationships with our business partners