Tornos and innovation, an alliance between tradition and technology

Tornos, recognised worldwide for its age-old expertise rooted in its Swiss heritage, is also known for its character and pioneering capabilities in four key areas of the market: Automotive, Micromechanics, Electronics, and Medical & Dental.

The term "innovation" takes on its full definition and significance depending on the meaning assigned to it, and according to the degree to which it is applied in order for it to resonate. Innovation is not just about creating new products equipped with the latest technology.

We believe innovation is something completely different. Tornos's vision and approach are global, and involve risk taking and structuring in order to create products, services and technologies that are both bold and efficient.

Innovation is one of our driving forces and is ingrained in everything we do. It results from our ability to continuously predict and adapt, to launch and involve ourselves in the future, to work in synergy with everyone in the industry to condense all the expertise into the very essence of Tornos and succeed in uniting tradition and technology.

A leader in our field, innovation is one of the key components of our DNA. Our expertise in automation and robotisation are clear indications of this. Tornos is continually investing as a key player in Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Our aim is not solely to produce and sell machines. It involves collaboration in synergy with our customers. This applies to everything, be it internal or external, so that together we can rise to meet their challenges and actively help them succeed.

Two projects demonstrate our capability, passion and involvement in innovation. They are the Tornos Research Center and the Tornos Precision Park, which you will learn more about during the course of this dedicated section.