Tornos Precision Park

A centre of excellence dedicated to microtechnology, precision mechanics and digitisation.


It is at the heart of the former Junker factory where start-ups, higher education establishments, institutions and partner companies will open up to the development and promotion of new solutions focused on the future in response to the fourth industrial revolution. The park aims to reinforce industry, innovation and technology.

Participants have at their disposal furnished buildings, including a prototype workshop, specially-equipped offices, an exhibition space and training rooms. There is also a canteen open to Tornos employees.


Reinforcing innovation and industrial technology

The Tornos Precision Park is an ideal location for innovation. Start-ups can rent parts of the buildings. In the other part of the Tornos Precision Park, Tornos will work alongside institutions and partner companies on cutting-edge projects.

 "Pioneering products and services are usually born from the synergy of different companies, and come about as soon as numerous specialists channel their expertise into a new project. This is precisely what we hope to achieve at the Tornos Precision Park", states Michael Hauser, CEO of Tornos. This location is about the future. "We aim to attract new talent whilst preserving the expertise that already exists in the region."


Junker factory: Innovation, a tradition

It is within these very walls that Nicolas Junker, the eponymous machine pioneer, perfected the bar-turner, an innovative piece of factory machinery, renowned for its extreme precision and known worldwide as the "Swiss type". The Tornos Precision Park aims to concentrate expertise in cutting-edge technologies in the Jura Arc region and develop new skills linked to the digitisation of products and services.


i-moutier business incubator

An authentic platform where different partners from the region can collaborate, i-moutier primarily aims to support projects and companies active in the microtechnology sector, accompany the start-up and development of new companies by offering infrastructure and services, stimulate companies that create inventive projects and promote the transfer of technologies between the private economy, schools and research institutions.

Members of this association also intend to reinforce regional industry, through the cooperation of different players on specific themes linked to the expertise found in the Jura Arc region.

On the one hand, this new and inspiring dynamic plans to diversify what is on offer in terms of solutions, applications, markets and business models by attracting new skills, and on the other hand to increase the profile of the region's talents. This unique concept hopes to provide an environment conducive to promoting new projects that drive innovation.

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