Do you want to extend your range of parts?  

Every day we work hard to ensure you achieve your objectives in terms of manufacturing, productivity and quality of machined components. We understand the challenges you face on a daily basis to stay competitive: pressure on prices, increasingly tight delivery times, small runs of parts and numerous setup changes. Tornos offers you the right solutions to meet these challenges.

  • We are experts in managing complex machining processes.
  • We develop software features for machining complex shapes.
  • We design special equipment to order.
  • We partner with experts to develop special cutting tools and other tools.
  • We offer you peripherals tailored to your needs (safety, manipulation, measurement, operator health & safety and the environment).


Our specialists will be happy to carry out a feasibility study for you. Our technicians will install any additional equipment.

Advantages for you:

  • Use your machine for the new applications.
  • Replace obsolete components with upgraded components.
  • Maintain the value of your machine.