All in one

An “all-in-one” concept

As on the MultiSwiss 6x16 machine, the seamless integration of all the necessary peripherals is an excellent design feature. These are all housed behind the machine in a container. As standard, the MultiSwiss includes the feeder, the management system for swarf and oil with dual filtration incorporating a paper filter system (filtration to 50 µ) in addition to an ultra-fine filter (5 µ).

Options such as the oil mist extractor, chip conveyor, fire protection system and high-pressure pump are integrated seamlessly into the machine. The fact that this integration has been incorporated into the machine from its very design means that its footprint is reduced and the MultiSwiss can quickly find its place in the heart of any workshop. The machine is extremely compact thanks to the smart design of its peripherals.

Water / oil heat exchanger

Chilled water production unit

Cutting oil filtration device (50 μm)

Spindle oil filtration device (5 μm)

Oil tank

Cutting oil pump