Integrated PC

As on other Tornos numerical multi-spindle turning machines, the MultiSwiss includes an integrated PC. This system offers a very user-friendly interface with a large colour touch screen. It is programmed using TB-Deco software. The integrated PC offers a great deal of flexibility.

If any program changes are required, these can be made directly on the machine. The PC offers other services as well, for example, all the machine documentation is instantly available. The servicing instructions, user and maintenance manuals are also loaded onto the PC. In the event of an alarm, for example, the user can display the file on-screen and read all the comments relating to this problem. Everything is at your fingertips and it is easy to navigate.

In the event of a problem, the machine can be remotely accessed and analysed by a Tornos specialist, thanks to remote maintenance, in some cases avoiding the need for an engineer call-out. In any case, this enhances the accuracy of diagnostics and optimises repair work.