Your benefits


Being involved in an international company offers a variety of opportunities, including working abroad. The internationality of our group provides the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge, whether at our headquarters in Moutier or in our subsidiaries.

Salary benefits adapted to your skills and your performances 

In Switzerland, Tornos, an affiliate of the MEM national convention, is recognized as one of the best employers in the region.

The remuneration is fair (guaranteed wage equality between women and men) and calculated according to our national salary policy; compensation changes according to function (qualifications and experience), professional performance and individual responsibility.


Life balance / social benefits

Life balance is an essential component for Tornos to ensure the satisfaction and commitment of our employees. We make it a point of honor to provide pleasant working conditions (free time / flexible holidays), the opportunity to work part-time and social benefits of the first order.

Modern management

We take our responsibilities and our commitments seriously. These are based on our values which are anchored in the principles of our company. They are essential to forge a common identity and promote the development of diversity. Every day, our employees invest in the company with their personalities, their abilities, their potential and their talents. In order for them to flourish in their functions, we have adopted a transversal management system and values.




Continuing education and talent management

We invest in the development of our employees. A training program allows our employees to develop their skills. Annual interviews and evaluation processes make it possible to identify and develop each individual's potential by integrating it into our teams.

Additional benefits

Our employees are our most important asset. Tornos offers specific actions and activities to create a healthy and welcoming working environment and to promote well-being. Thus, employees in Moutier benefit from a company restaurant which proposes three quality, daily menus at special prices. A relaxation area is also available and activities are offered for interested employees.


Other proposed benefits

Other benefits are also offered to Tornos employees.