The micro and nano precision specialist!

Say hello to the new SwissNano 10 : the perfect 10

Geared for micro production

  • Profit from up to 40 % more productivity.
  • 10 mm maximum bar diameter.
  •  Workpiece length up to 100 mm.
  • Improve and secure autonomy with Tornos’ Active Chip Breaker Plus software.
  • Increase your parts portfolio with 4 tools and up to 2 live tools in back operation!
  • Benefit from a high-pressure-ready machine, and defeat the most difficult challenges with the smallest machine on the market.



Main advantages:

  • The highest precision on the market
  • Unique kinematics enabling turning, drilling, cutting/deburring and roughing/finishing operations
  • Excellent accessibility for easy setting operations
  • Horological standard precision
  • Fixed/rotating guide bush or operation without guide bush
  • Minimal footprint: 1.1 m in front of the machine with bar feeder and width 0.65 m

The SwissNano was designed to meet the demand for small workpieces requiring very high precision. For example, its kinematics enable the machine to produce two thirds of watch movement components, from the simple to the most complex,including cutting ,with excellent finishes. Its capability extends beyond horological applications to include any type of workpiece requiring extreme quality and precision. The kinematic structure was designed for exemplary balance and thermal management enables the operating temperature to be achieved very rapidly.

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SwissNano 10


SwissNano : Dental Implant

SwissNano : Test pin

SwissNano 4 - Sliding head lathe

SwissNano 7 - Sliding head lathe

SwissNano 7 : Ultra compact

Center the counter spindle with ease


SwissNano   4 7 10

Maximum diameter


4 7 10

Number of linear axes


6 6 6
Number of C axes


2 2 2

Number of independent tool systems

  2 2 2

Total number of tool positions

  12 24 24

Position for rotating tools

  4 10 10