Vision, mission, strategy and values

Customers and their future requirements are at the heart of the Tornos strategy. In determining its corporate strategy, Tornos redefined its vision, mission and values as a group, and adopted a code of conduct. Tornos will continue to follow this strategy in the coming years.

The Tornos Group strategy takes into account the challenges that its customers face and will continue to face in markets that are becoming ever-more connected, globalized and competitive. Tornos wants to give its customers a competitive edge through innovative products and services.

Our vision: ‘We keep you turning’

With true pioneering spirit, Tornos evolves and develops concepts to face the demands of tomorrow. Our vast expertise and our global approach enable us to turn innovation into products and services that provide a competitive edge for our customers.

Our mission: Sustainability and profitability for our customers

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best-in-class solutions and services essential to their sustainability and profitability


Our strategy

Based on the major progress that the Tornos Group has made in recent years, Tornos continues to pursue the six strategic directions defined

  • Internationalize our business
  • Strengthen our flexibility
  • Grow through innovation
  • Establish Tornos’ services as a differentiator
  • Enhance operational excellence
  • Deliver unique solutions for targeted market segments

Our values

Our six values embody the philosophy and spirit of Tornos in our daily work for the benefit of the Group, our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.

  • Agility - Continuously anticipate and adapt
  • Open-mindedness - Be curious and enriched by diversity 
  • Daring - Try new things and accept the risks 
  • Reliability - Be a partner respecting his commitments
  • Sharing - Talk together so to grow together
  • Appreciate and enhance - Celebrate success and learn from mistakes