TISIS - Communicate with your machine and program it


TISIS enables you to program updated Tornos machines outside the TB-DECO system. Able to manage up to four channels, the ISO editor automatically synchronises the code between the channels and uses syntax highlighting to enable value codes to be easily distinguished.

Selecting your tools

For each machine, TISIS has a database that contains all of the tool resources, for example chisel holder plates, thread whirling tools, polygon tools or milling tools. Each of these tools has its own constraints, and these are integrated in TISIS. So, if a tool is selected, only the positions where it can be fitted on the machine will be activated. TISIS also manages incompatibilities between the various tools. The user is guided intuitively through the use of his machine, and each tool has its own image to allow easy identification. Another advantage is that the default geometries are automatically displayed when a tool is selected.


In addition to programming, it is possible to transfer virtual programs to your bank of machines. Better still, it is possible to modify the program on the machine and transfer it again to your computer, maintaining full traceability.


TISIS enables detailed monitoring of your machine inventory. Monitoring includes not only the status of the machines in the workshop, but also an overview of current production : the workpiece counter, remaining production time and the name and drawing of the workpiece are available at any time. TISIS Tab - an Android app for tablets - is also available to monitor the status of your workshop.


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Operating System

  • Windows 10 (RAM: >8GB, CPU: >Intel i3, HD: >2GB Free)
  • Windows 11 (RAM: >8GB, CPU: >Intel i3, HD: >2GB Free)