Programming an automatic lathe on PC !

Using a design whereby the PC is separate from the numerical control of the machine, TORNOS has introduced full work management flexibility. With programming carried out 100% in hidden time, e.g. on a notebook, parts can be planned at any time anywhere.

Synchronisation tool

A user-friendly, intuitive and visual software package at your disposal. Entirely developed by TORNOS, this software enables simple, quick, logical and ergonomic programming parts on your PC. This is undoubtedly the best solution on the market for reducing component cycle times. It provides convenient programming (large screen, brightness control, environment) and allows you to program several types of machines with a single PC.

What can TB-DECO do for you ?

  • Machine initialisation cycle
  • Positioning the cutting tool
  • Positioning the bar
  • Facing-off
  • Positioning the spindle
  • Opening the spindle collet
  • Bar-end control
  • Loading cycle for a new bar with its safety features
  • Part feeding cycle
  • Multiple feeding cycles (several clampings for a single part)
  • Referencing end tools in relationship to the part
  • Referencing the counter-spindle in relationship to the part when supported by the counter spindle
  • Safe component cutting: controls in case of cutting tool breakage
  • Safety part pick-up: chips on the part or diameter too large (tool worn or broken)

Operating System

Windows 10 (RAM: >8GB, CPU: >Intel i3, HD: >2GB Free