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Tornos now offers the following range of automatic turning machines in the turning field

Single-spindle numerical control with sliding headstock

Tornos has been a recognised specialist in sliding headstock turning machines for over 100 years. We benefit from unrivalled expertise, which means we can offer our customers complete turnkey solutions. Our product range can respond to all of our customers' needs, whatever the diameter or the field of application. We have worked ceaselessly to develop innovative machining solutions, and we will continue to innovate in order to increase our technological advantage.

Multispindle parallel numerical control

Multispindle turning machines quadruple the rates of single-spindle machines. With 6 or 8 spindles, Tornos' multispindle machines allow bar operations to be serialised. The MultiAlpha and MultiSigma ranges can be equipped with double counter spindles. Capable of being fully adapted to our customers' needs, these machines are an ideal, efficient solution for large production runs. Multispindle turning machines are known as fixed headstock machines, and do not have guide bushes. In 2011, Tornos launched a new product range known as MultiSwiss. This range provided the link between single-spindle sliding headstock turning machines and multispindle machines. The truly revolutionary MultiSwiss is the first multispindle sliding headstock turning machine on the market.