SwissDECO 36 TB: Unmatched performance for manufacturing complex parts

Discover the SwissDECO 36 TB

The SwissDECO 36 TB is a cutting-edge machine designed to push the boundaries of manufacturing complex parts. With its 700 mm Z2 axis and B-axis turret, this machine can produce parts that are impossible to make on conventional machines. The SwissDECO 36 TB stands out for its precision, flexibility, and efficiency, meeting the most demanding industry needs.


Exceptional production capabilities

The SwissDECO 36 TB excels in producing complex parts thanks to its advanced features:

  • 700 mm Z2 axis: Allows for working on long and complex parts with increased precision.
  • B-Axis turret: Enhances versatility by enabling the creation of complex shapes and milling operations.
  • Three Z axes: Capable of producing parts up to 600 mm in length, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Case Study: Orthopedic nail

A concrete example of the SwissDECO 36 TB's exceptional capabilities is the production of an orthopedic nail. This essential medical component requires extreme precision and a complexity that few machines can achieve. Thanks to its advanced features, the SwissDECO 36 TB can:

  • Ensure Extreme Precision: Precision is crucial for medical devices. The SwissDECO 36 TB guarantees strict tolerances and perfect finishes.
  • Produce Complex Shapes: Orthopedic nails have specific and complex geometries. The machine can produce them in a single operation, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Create Complex Shapes and Perform Milling Operations: With the B-axis turret, the SwissDECO 36 TB can perform milling operations and create complex shapes, increasing the machine's versatility.
  • Optimize Production Time: With its rapid production capability and advanced configuration, the SwissDECO 36 TB can manufacture parts in record time while maintaining superior quality.

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Key advantages


  • 700 mm Z2 axis: Allows for working on long and complex parts.
  • B-Axis turret: Enhances versatility with the ability to create complex shapes and perform milling operations.
  • Three Z axes: For producing parts up to 600 mm in length.
  • Deep hole drilling up to 500 mm: Capable of performing deep hole drilling with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
  • Flexibility and versatility: Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Increased efficiency: Reduced cycle times and increased productivity.
  • Safety and automation: Secure part ejection and the ability to integrate a robotic unloading devic



Why Choose the SwissDECO 36 TB?

The SwissDECO 36 TB is the ideal solution for companies looking to enhance their production capabilities while maintaining high-quality standards. Whether you are producing medical devices, electronic components, or high-precision parts, this machine offers unmatched performance and reliability.


To learn more about the SwissDECO 36 TB and discover how it can transform your production, contact us today.