We ensure your success, time after time, to the tiniest detail

Your challenges

To reduce its costs and maintain impeccable quality, the micromechanics industry is becoming increasingly insistent that its selected suppliers achieve its performance goals. As a supplier, you are a specialist with advanced knowledge. Your challenges include:

  • producing a functional piece of impeccable visual quality
  • working with standard deviations below 1 micron
  • Integrating into your turning process more specific operations like trimming or decoration
  • delivering consistently high-quality products in a timely manner
  • controlling processes and flows, from raw material to final products; increasingly, your processes include a cascade of many finishing operations under agreement
  • managing the versatility of the controls and the evolution of the parts
  • reacting quickly, since large batches are divided into small series according to your customers’ needs, with very short delivery times
  • complying with ever-evolving demands in order to ensure your success

Our experience

Tornos is a leader in this field. Thanks to our developments and know-how in the field of watchmaking, we can recommend machining modes for parts from a millimeter in diameter on our single-spindle lathes and four millimeters for our multispindle lathes.

Our knowledge goes from stamping and trimming through to the decoration as well as all the other operations such as chip removal. The objective is to finish the watch components with no errors.

We can advise you on the best solution in terms of machine kinematics and performance as well as equipment and tools.

Thanks to our knowledge, we can offer you the best tools and machining conditions to optimize your cycle times and maximize your productivity.

Our experience goes beyond mechanical and quartz watches and extends to support for your production of digital watches (smartwatches).