Machines videos presentations

To learn more about our machines, we invite you to watch the videos of presentation of our most recent launches.

Recent launches

24.06.2020: Presentation #1 - Swiss GT 32, B-axis

The Swiss GT range of Swiss-type lathes is designed for the production of conventional parts of all types. In fact, thanks to the B-axis technology available on the Swiss GT 32, it is possible to produce complex parts.

30.06.2020: Presentation #2 - Swiss DT 26

The Swiss DT range of Swiss-type lathes is designed to meet the various requirements of typical long and short turned parts. Thanks to advanced technical features and its efficient five-axis kinematics, the DT range is perfect for all your turning and milling tasks.

Presentation #3 - New SwissNano 4

The new SwissNano 4 is the industry benchmark for the production of small parts requiring extreme precision. Thanks to the Turbo mode your productivity will reach up to 40% more and the process autonomy will be improved with the ACB Plus software.