Moutier, 31/05/2022

Breathing new life into Tornos DECO 10 machines in Kąty Wrocławskie, Poland

Moutier, Switzerland, May 31, 2022 - Tornos opened its new factory in Kąty Wrocławskie on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. The factory was designed primarily to refurbish and modernize Tornos' DECO 10, a true flagship machine, best seller, and the absolute favorite among all bar turning machines. By giving the DECO 10 new life as the DECO 10 Plus, Tornos highlights its heritage and legendary know-how while promoting the circular economy.


More than 200 invited guests took part in festivities marking the opening of Tornos’ new factory in Kąty Wrocławskie last Tuesday. At the grand opening, various speakers explained what Tornos is: a company with incomparable Swiss know-how, specializing in the construction of Swiss-type and multispindle automatic lathes for over 130 years.


By establishing a permanent presence in Poland, Tornos is making more than a strategic choice. The new factory, located just a few minutes from Wroclaw, an important university center, makes it easy to recruit highly competent research and innovation personnel. The story of Tornos Poland began more than ten years ago, with only two employees representing the brand on Polish soil. Today, Tornos Poland has more than 40 trained employees who know the machines inside out and are able to overhaul and repair them if necessary. Most of them work in Tornos Customer Services as after-sales technicians. They work all over the world according to customers’ needs and ensure high-quality, efficient and effective after-sales service. Of course, service is about more than resolving technical issues and replacing machine parts. It includes the labor-intensive and very important administrative work that Tornos’ new global Shared Services center is doing in Kąty Wrocławskie. Indeed, Tornos Shared Services Center provides these valuable services to the benefit of Tornos sales companies and customers in Europe, and, eventually, worldwide.


In Poland, Tornos executes its approach to industry’s circular economy. Since Tornos last year began offering its customers to refurbish their DECO 10 machines by upgrading them to the DECO 10 Plus model in celebration of this iconic machine’s 25th anniversary, requests have been pouring in—so much so that Tornos Poland is set to expand even further in the coming months, offering staff the opportunity to train on the unique know-how of machine tool manufacturing and refurbishment, while remaining available to customers for their after-sales needs. In doing so, Tornos is “Turning Together” for its customers in Poland—and beyond, because most of the DECO 10 Tornos is remanufacturing as fit-for-the-future DECO 10 Plus machines do not stay in Poland. They are returned to workshops across Europe and, eventually, the globe. This too, is “Turning Together.”


Tornos is not in the habit of looking back to the past, however glorious it may be. The future, all that still lies ahead, the new opportunities and challenges, fascinates Tornos much more than the past. However, the inauguration of this new factory is an important event for Tornos, so it is worth mentioning the rich history of the company headquartered in the Moutier, in the Canton of Bern. 


Throughout its 130-year history, Tornos has always pushed the boundaries—both technological and commercial. Tornos is a truly international company with branches in many countries, an extensive network of dealers and agents and factories in Switzerland, China, Taiwan and, with the opening of this new production site, also in Poland. But this plant is somewhat different because it has a special mission. In Kąty Wrocławskie, Tornos is putting its circular economy approach into practice in its industry. In its business, Tornos sees the need to move from a linear model of take, make, throw away, to a circular model: make, use, return. The circular economy approach is important to differentiate Tornos from its competitors. With new propositions such as the remanufacturing of DECO 10 machines, within this new plant Tornos is creating value for its customers by offering a unique message of sustainability.


The opening of the Kąty Wrocławskie facility proves once again that Tornos' existing and potential customers can rely on its internationalization and its new operations in Poland. Switzerland and Poland, hand in hand, to confirm the Tornos slogan: Turning Together!