Moutier, 01/10/2019

EMO Hannover 2019 proves to be a great success for Tornos

With the recent conclusion of the 2019 edition of EMO Hannover, the trade show demonstrated once again why it is the world’s preeminent metalworking industry exhibition and an essential event for the players in the machine tool world—including Tornos. Despite the current global economic uncertainty, Tornos welcomed a satisfying number of visitors to its EMO Hannover 2019 booth and assesses the results of the event as promising.

While the exhibition took place in Germany, it attracted visitors from around the world with most coming from eastern and southern Europe as well as China.

Tornos brand-new SwissNano 7 attracted plenty of attention and admiration from manufacturers, including those serving Medical & Dental market segment, during EMO Hannover 2019. Compact, agile and extremely stable, the SwissNano 7 takes to new dimensions.

Thanks to Tornos' rich and varied product range, new perspectives are emerging. Indeed, many customers in the aerospace and aeronautics sector have approached Tornos in search of, for example, solutions for manufacturing connectors essential to latest-generation satellite technology. At the same time, electronics and connectors are promising sectors at the forefront of innovation.

Tornos’ TISIS: customers’ portal to Industry 4.0

With “Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production” as its theme, EMO Hannover 2019 focused on Industry 4.0, a manufacturing topic that Tornos masters with its interactive software, TISIS. At EMO Hannover 2019, Tornos developers previewed the latest version of TISIS, version 3.2 which allows better memory management and significantly improved program transfer speed.

As part of EMO Hannover 2019, Tornos—along with 71 other machine tool manufacturers—took part in the umati (universal machine tool interface) project demonstrating how a standardized universal interface makes machine data usable. The networking of machines, systems and software is one of the most important manufacturing trends today. Indeed, today's customers expect to be able to easily integrate new machines into their own information technology (IT) ecosystems. umati does this on the basis of the international Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) international interoperability standard—easily, quickly and securely.

All the solutions showcased on Tornos’ stand, from micro-milling machines to multispindle machines, piqued visitors’ curiosity. Guests were particularly intrigued by Tornos’ new SwissDECO 36 TB, which produced orthopedic nails drilled through and through on-site. Thanks to SwissDECO 36 TB’s turret, and more precisely to the B axis of the turret, angular holes can be drilled with ease. The simultaneous operation of five axes demonstrates the solution’s roughing and finishing as well as significantly increase productivity—all factors that drew manufacturers’ interest at EMO Hannover 2019.

Tornos also demonstrated its vast service offering, from the Tornos Academy, which offers adapted and progressive training modules, to Tornos Service, which ensures repairs and spare parts delivery. Acquiring a Tornos machine means acquiring a global and durable solution. Tornos Service not only repairs Tornos machines, but can, if necessary, completely overhaul them. Proof of this was the DECO 13 on display at the Tornos stand this year. A true "time capsule," this machine, which has been widely praised by Tornos' customers, is still in service in many factories. Thanks to the know-how of Tornos’ technicians, customers can give their trusted workhorse Tornos machines a new lease on, even after more than 15 years of service, and thus contribute to the circular economy.

EMO Hannover 2019 proved to be promising, as many existing and potential customers heeded the Tornos theme, “Turn to Tornos,” and discovered the added value that this international company can deliver. The event was a key platform for demonstrating Tornos’ know-how and global, innovative and interactive solutions that enable manufacturers produce the most complex parts. That’s a card that the Tornos will continue to play in the future, offering innovative, flexible, and interactive solutions.