Moutier, 15/07/2016

One-hundredth SwissNano sold in Switzerland is testament to this solution’s high stability, precision and design

There’s just no stopping Tornos’ high-stability, high-precision, high-design SwissNano: The 100th SwissNano was installed this week in Switzerland and users worldwide continue to become champions of this Swiss-type lathe. Launched in March 2013 and specifically designed as a watchmaking and electronic components solution, this ultra-precise SwissNano also brings success to manufacturers in the automotive and medical and dental segments.

The SwissNano’s compact footprint and high design make it a head turner in any workshop, but its unique kinematics are what truly keep customers buying one SwissNano after the other. Because it makes easy work of tackles drilling, cutting, deburring, roughing and finishing operations, watch manufacturers can produce two-thirds of watch movement components—from simple to complex—on one machine. Moreover, the SwissNano is just what the doctor ordered for the production of micro medical and dental parts at extreme quality and precision.

Superior machine concept

Behind the SwissNano is a machine concept guaranteeing exemplary balance, and its thermal management allows operating temperature to be reached rapidly so that users are quickly on their way to achieving perfect results.

At the same time, the SwissNano delivers superb ergonomics. Its accessibility paves the way to easy setup, and this solution can be used with a fixed/rotating guide bushing—or no guide bushing at all.

Another factor making the SwissNano a real hit with customers is the ease with which it replaces manual CAM machines worldwide. As it becomes increasingly difficult to find operators for CAM machines, the SwissNano is a true hero: It answers these customers’ needs in terms of applications, and its small footprint means customers can replace their old manual MS7 machines, one by one, with CNC-driven machines.

TISIS: customers’ portal to Industry 4.0

In parallel, the SwissNano is supported by Tornos’ TISIS and TISIS CAM—customers’ portal to the world of Industry 4.0. As a computer-aided manufacturing solution TISIS CAM was specially developed to help Tornos customers tackle complex operations. At the same time, it reduces startup time significantly and, coupled with TISIS, it is the perfect solution for efficiently programming and optimizing parts. TISIS CAM is especially useful when it comes to exploiting the full potential of the SwissNano.

A renowned suite of services

The SwissNano is backed by the renowned Tornos Service, delivering true value throughout the full product life cycle of each Tornos machine. Tornos Service’s productivity-enabling services include start-up assistance; expert training and coaching; free hotline; on-site operations support and preventive maintenance; original spare parts seamlessly delivered worldwide; complete overhauls to extend the longevity of Tornos machines; and a range of operations and X-change Modules to expand your application capabilities and profitability.

With all those attributes, it’s no wonder customers keep coming back for more of the SwissNano.