Moutier, 23/08/2021

A technological challenge to confront the current challenges of the industry

About 40 students from the Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc) Engineering School will take up the challenges proposed this year by Louis Bélet SA and Tornos as part of the i-moutier Incubator. The aim of this competition is to allow these students to experience some of the realities of business by working on a concrete project. Two themes have been selected and described by the research and development (R & D) teams of both companies. Their engineers will be available to the students during the first days of the competition, on August 30 and 31, answering their questions and helping them learn more about the products and internal workings of the companies concerned.



It is in the favorable environment of the i-moutier Incubator that some 40 students from the HE-Arc’s mechanical systems design and ergonomic design orientations of the industrial design engineering course at HE-Arc will take up the challenges submitted by Tornos and Louis Bélet SA, partner companies of the i-moutier Incubator. This is the third time Tornos has taken part in this challenge. Each time, it has been an opportunity to make great discoveries, highlight potential talents, and create a new energy that permeates the company and the i-moutier Incubator.


Initially, the students will discover the partner companies. Once the challenge has been launched, they will move into the i-moutier Incubator and to literally confront the challenges that Tornos and Louis Bélet engineers face on a daily basis. The solutions envisaged must be reliable, scalable and universal. Students will be able to draw from various sources, in the very spirit of their student curriculum and the i-moutier Incubator, by taking inspiration from different fields and industries.


The i-moutier Incubator thus generates a certain emulation and remains faithful to its mission and the state of mind that inspires it, namely to animate and stimulate the microtechnology and precision ecosystem. For these reasons, it continues to generate opportunities for young people to work on concrete projects for the benefit of the region's industries.


The mission of the i-moutier Incubator is to be a true creator of innovation, giving rise to projects that can flourish. i-moutier, true to its mission, serves, once again, as a setting for this student challenge.