Moutier, 20/10/2023

TISIS, the programming and monitoring software from Tornos, celebrates its 10th anniversary: always smarter, faster and more accurate

In today's highly digitalized world, software plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of our lives - and the manufacturing industry is no exception. As technology evolves, CNC machine tools are becoming more complex and powerful. At the same time, the demands for manufacturing efficiency, precision and reliability are increasing. In this context, software such as TISIS from Tornos that facilitates and optimizes the operation of these machines is becoming increasingly important.

This development is part of a broader trend towards the automation and digitalization of manufacturing. In Industry 4.0, connected machines and automated processes play a central role in increasing efficiency, improving quality and reducing costs. TISIS, the programming and monitoring software from Tornos, has become an indispensable tool for many machining professionals. Today, more than 3,000 licenses are in daily use. To celebrate this 10th anniversary in style, we take a look at TISIS and its main functions, advantages and impact on the manufacturing process.

What is TISIS?

TISIS (Tornos Integrated Solutions for Industry and Services) is a software package developed by Tornos, the pioneer and one of the world's leading manufacturers of sliding headstock lathes. Designed for use with Tornos machines, TISIS software allows you to program, monitor and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Key features of TISIS

Advanced programming

The TISIS editor makes programming Tornos machines easy and intuitive. Templates are available for all Tornos machines, covering preparation and finishing operations. This allows the programmer to concentrate on what's important: the part.

The machining program can be written in the standard ISO programming language. TISIS supports this with its sophisticated error-checking functionality. This means that errors can be detected during the programming process, saving time and money. Graphical functions such as 2D toolpath simulation and Gantt diagrams are a further aid. They help optimize cycle times and also aid in error detection.

These features, combined with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, facilitate the creation of complex machining programs and make the entire manufacturing process more efficient.

Real-time machine diagnostics

TISIS provides real-time monitoring of machining processes. The user can monitor machine parameters such as axis and spindle load, speed and temperature. Potential problems can be detected at an early stage. This ensures more reliable production by minimizing unplanned downtime and avoiding costly errors.

Production monitoring

TISIS allows you to monitor and record all production-related data. This includes all production-related information such as processing times, downtimes, maintenance activities and much more. This data is not only available in real-time but can also be analyzed at a later date. In this way, TISIS not only monitors ongoing operations but is also a valuable source of information for strategic decision-making and process optimization.

Benefits of TISIS

Increased productivity

By integrating TISIS into the manufacturing process, companies can increase their overall productivity. With simplified programming and real-time monitoring, you can optimize machine utilization, reduce downtime and ensure more efficient production.

Improved quality

TISIS helps improve the quality of parts produced by quickly detecting errors or deviations in machining parameters. By monitoring machine performance in real-time, potential problems can be identified before they affect the quality of the final product.

Reduce costs

By optimizing machining processes, TISIS helps reduce production costs. Faster, more accurate programming saves time and minimizes waste. What's more, real-time monitoring prevents unplanned stoppages and costly repairs.

TISIS, the Tornos programming and monitoring software, is a powerful tool for machine builders. By providing advanced programming, real-time monitoring, process optimization and production tracking functions, TISIS helps to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. TISIS enables companies to optimize their CNC machining processes and remain competitive in today's demanding market.