Moutier, 11/06/2020

Tornos and Gloor Medical: the combination of impeccable Swiss quality at the service of patients

Gloor Brothers Ltd is an owner-managed family business based in Burgdorf, Switzerland. For more than 70 years, the regulation of pressure and flow of technical gases has been its core competence. When the business earned EN ISO 13485 certification in 1994, this core competence was extended to medical technology and continuously expanded in the following years. With the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for fittings for therapeutic oxygen delivery devices he has risen sharply, resulting in a capacity bottleneck in the Turning department. Thanks to a long-standing collaboration between Gloor Medical and Tornos, both of these leaders in their respective fields were able to react quickly and make valuable, lifesaving contributions.


Gloor Medical is the leading supplier in Switzerland in the field of medical gas supplies and its services range from the planning and implementation of the pipeline network in hospitals and doctors' practices to the fittings for supplying patients with the required medical gases.


The product range covers the supply of medical gases from central gas supply systems to fittings for mobile emergency medicine. The central gas supply includes automatic switchover of the supply sources with medical gases, the area shutoff and monitoring units up to the extraction point of the gases for supplying the patients with the necessary medical gases. The range is supplemented by all the withdrawal devices, pressure and flow regulators, and vacuum fittings.


Gloor Medical’s products are developed and produced exclusively in Switzerland. This is the only way to ensure the high quality and reliability of the devices throughout the entire production process. The in-house development and production also provide the flexibility to respond quickly and professionally to special customer needs and to develop and manufacture the required products.


Gloor Brothers Ltd has maintained a close partnership with Tornos in the field of turning machines for decades. In the 1990s, the management decided to purchase its first Tornos computer numerical control (CNC) machine, which is still in operation today for special fittings. Over time, five more Tornos single-spindle CNC turning machines were added. These machines play a major role in ensuring that brass parts can be manufactured to the required quality to ensure the reliable operation of fittings in the medical sector.


Andreas Weyermann, Head of Manufacturing at Gloor Brothers Ltd, is delighted with the recent arrival of a brand new Tornos EvoDECO 32, which was chosen for its amazing precision and unsurpassed capabilities.

"Our employees are trained at the Tornos Academy in Moutier. When they return from their courses, they have mastered the machine and its programs and are able to reach their full potential," he says.


That potential is in a continuous process of development as the market is constantly evolving.


"The coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the demand for our products," adds Andreas Weyermann. "So, we had to increase our production capacity to meet the demand."


In this task, the production manager and the head of the Turning Department, Sasa Selenic, can rely on the performance of the Tornos machines, which run at full speed day and night.


"We still work in one shift, but the machines have a certain autonomy and run unattended for several hours at night in the so-called ghost shift", Andreas Weyermann explains. "Our company currently has about 90 employees, seven of whom are apprentices in the polymechanic and commercial clerk professions. In Germany, we have a subsidiary in Lübeck, which is active in the sale and service of products for medical technology."


The company’s simple and effective slogan, "Swiss quality that convinces," perfectly summarizes the goal that Gloor Medical wants to achieve with its products: excellent quality for the supply of medical gases for pressure and flow to patients. All manufacturing phases, from design to the final product, are carried out by the Burgdorf-based company and quality is monitored throughout the entire process. Swiss Made precision, flexibility, sustainability, and social commitment are a matter of course for Gloor Brothers Ltd. Tornos is a reliable partner in the firm’s goal of daily improvement. In these very challenging times, the values shared by Gloor Medical and Tornos are of vital importance.