Moutier, 20/04/2023

Tornos to detail industry issues and challenges at SIAMS TV Days

SIAMS is a key event for industrial players in the Jura Arc region. It takes place every two years in Moutier, at the Forum de l'Arc, which is just across the street from Tornos headquarters. After successfully presenting its new SwissNano 10 last year at the 2022 edition, Tornos this year is taking part in the series of special programs organized for the first time between two editions of the microtechnology trade fair, which, through this formula, responds to the concrete needs expressed by entrepreneurs in the world of precision. Tornos will be represented at this unifying program by Corporate Sustainability Manager Anne Hirtzlin, who will detail the company’s views on the issues and challenges facing the industry today and in the future.


Tornos has for many years been interested in sustainability and decided last year to launch a global sustainability program, “Turning sustainable,” in a particularly tense context, especially in the energy market. This program aims to contribute to the efforts initiated by countries— including Switzerland—to ensure sustainability and preserve resources for future generations.


To ensure a paradigm shift in the company, Tornos refers to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the TCFD), which constitute the new global and universal reference framework for sustainable development. For Tornos, the approach consists primarily of producing its products while limiting its environmental footprint, reducing their energy consumption, and enhancing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) contribution at the environmental, social and economic levels. With this in mind, the Group has launched a number of initiatives, including a circular economy approach: Its DECO 10 Plus program, for example, breathes new life into customers’ workhorse DECO 10 machines with technological upgrades transforming them into fit-for-the-future DECO 10 Plus machines.


In a roundtable beginning tonight (Thursday, April 20, 2023) at 18:00 on Jura Arc regional television station Canal Alpha, Anne Hirtzlin will detail Tornos’ approach to sustainability. Together with Philippe Cordonnier from Swissmem and Claude Jeannerat from the HE-Arc, she will also discuss the challenges and issues currently facing the industry, including the lack of qualified personnel and the significant absence of young people.


"At Tornos, we are working at various levels to overcome this lack of qualified workers and to offer a modern working environment adapted to current requirements," Anne Hirtzlin says in the report illustrating Tornos’ presentation at the upcoming roundtable. She also points out that "increasing efforts are being made to find sustainable solutions to preserve our resources and our future. The need for systemic change and change in the way organizations and industries operate are becoming necessary, and we are seeing innovative ideas emerge and become reality."


Innovation and creativity are important paths forward in all these approaches, and viewers will discover even more by tuning in to the live program at 18:00 on Canal Alpha. The program is also available online at