Moutier, 05/12/2019

Tornos at the heart of TeleBielingue series

Tornos’ expertise in Medical & Dental technology has a central role in Biel-area television station TeleBielingue’s upcoming five-part series documenting an EHC Biel-Bienne hockey player’s journey to replace a tooth lost during a match. The series documents the entire process, from the raw implant material to the dentist’s chair—including a visit to Tornos’ flagship Moutier site. Tune in tomorrow evening—December 6, 2019, after 7 p.m.—for the series dedicated to Stefan Ulmer’s dental implant journey.

The editorial staff of TeleBielingue and Francis Koller, representative of the Association des fabricants de décolletages et de taillages, came up with the idea of the original report when they heard about a rather banal fact: An EHC Biel-Bienne player had lost a tooth during a match. Interested in following the entire dental implantation process from beginning to end, they decided to contact various companies in the region, all of which play an important role in this process.

Among them is Tornos. Indeed, once the appropriate raw material, in this case titanium, has been found, it must be processed. Although Tornos is a machine tool manufacturer rather than an implant manufacturer, the Moutier-based specialist in single-spindle and multispindle turning technology as well as micro-milling has legendary expertise in this field, offering its customers the machining solutions essential to producing dental implants. Tornos provides a complete service, from setting up the tools to easy, headache-free programming with TISIS software.

You will learn much more during the second episode of this series, to be broadcast on Friday, December 13, 2019, every half hour after the 7 p.m. news to midnight alternately, in German first, than in French. But to fully understand the whole process and discover the story of the "edentulous" EHC Biel-Bienne player, tune into tomorrow night to Telebielingue’s Emissions Portefeuille, an economic program that takes a close interest in the region's industrial fabric, particularly by presenting company portraits.

This dive into the world of microtechnology, explored through original reporting, is interesting on several levels. It demonstrates that industry’s importance in everyday life and the key contributions that area businesses make to the microtechnology sector— because, from mobile phone connectors to dental implants, all devices require machined parts—parts that can be produced using Tornos machines.

The series unveils a production process and show how companies in the region work together. This approach is perfectly in line with the logic of the Emission Portefeuille, which was set up with many players in the local economy, including the Biel and Bernese Chambers of commerce.

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