Moutier, 08/03/2022

Tornos invites students from the Jura Arc to participate in its competition

Twenty-one students from technical schools in the Jura Arc will take part in the second Tornos competition scheduled for March 10 and 11, 2022. The aim of event is to allow this young audience to experience some of the realities of the business world by working on a concrete project. The theme of the competition has been selected and described by the company's R&D team. Engineers and technicians will be available during the 2 days of the competition to answer participants’ questions and help them learn more about Tornos and its products.


It is in the favorable environment of the i-moutier Incubator that around 20 or students Jura Arc technical schools will evolve over 2 days, March 10–12, 2022. Those in charge of schools and learning centers in the Bern, Jura and Neuchâtel cantons of the Jura Arc region have indeed decided to repeat the experience of the very successful Tornos competition in November 2017. All the students registered for the 2022 challenge are willing and motivated to participate in this new edition.


A wide range of professions

The participants in this competition come from the CEJEF (Porrentruy), the CEFF (Saint-Imier), the Lycée Technique in Bienne, the Haute Ecole Arc (HE-Arc) in Neuchâtel and the CIFOM (Le Locle). They include apprentices in the process of obtaining their CFC, ES technician students, and future engineers. The fields of micromechanics, mechanical mechanical engineering and industrialization, automation, electronics and microtechnology are therefore represented.


At the origin of this project, Tornos CEO Michael Hauser imagined that organizing a competition could be stimulating for both student participants and the company. A first edition was therefore organized to give substance to this idea in 2017. The heads of the technical schools and apprenticeship centers of the cantons of Bern, Jura, Neuchâtel and Vaud met at the time in Moutier to organize the inaugural event and define the most suitable formula. The competition revealed students’ great interest in being challenged by a concrete project. Indeed, being confronted with the constraints of the "real world" gives them a different, more open vision—a more tangible reality.


Tornos, in commitment to training future generations and identifying future talents, has therefore decided to organize this meeting for the second time in the form of a competition, enabling students to work with peers from other technical schools on a specific technical subject. The topic, chosen and developed internally, will be unveiled on the morning of March 10, after the presentation and a visit to the company.


The students will be divided into teams in the i-moutier Incubator premises, which are conducive to exchange and group work and dedicated to innovation and creativity. Competitors will spend 2 days immersed in Tornos, at the very heart of the company, to discover its inner workings and become familiar with this industrial world.


At the end of the 2 days, the students will present the results of their work. A panel of experts made up of Tornos specialists will judge the relevance of the projects according to criteria such as originality, feasibility, possibility of industrialization and costs. The best project will be awarded a cash prize and the winning team will be able to present its project at the next edition of SIAMS, which will take place from April 5–8, 2022. Tornos is therefore be offering a real opportunity for young people to work on a concrete project for the benefit of the Jura region's industries over the course of 2 days and showcasing their work at SIAMS. This is a win-win operation for the students and for the company, which may then develop some of the ideas presented during the competition.