Moutier, 15/12/2021

Tornos: a source of strength to medical device manufacturers around the world

Few industries are as regulated—or as associated with the need for quality, safety and transparency—as the global medical device manufacturing sector. And no partner is more committed to advancing medical device and instrument manufacturers’ precision, quality and return on investment than Tornos. For more than 30 years, Tornos has closely collaborated with medical device manufacturers worldwide to help them deliver impeccable products that improve patients’ quality of life. The company’s medtech leadership was underscored this autumn when MedTech Outlook magazine named Tornos as a recipient of its Top Medical Device Manufacturing Companies in Europe 2021 award. The annual listing honors 10 companies at the forefront of providing medical device manufacturing and impacting the industry.  

Headquartered in Switzerland and boasting a global footprint, automatic turning machine manufacturer Tornos is a pioneer of sliding headstock technology or Swiss-type automatic lathes. Because the high-precision turning sector is subject to stringent standards governing quality, precision and productivity, it is little surprise that these Swiss strengths come from the same part of the world.


Vast experience throughout the medtech production chain, a holistic approach, a complete production program and a global presence make Tornos the perfect partner to medical device and instrument manufacturers and their suppliers.


Moreover, thanks to experience across a broad range of industry segments—including Medical & Dental, Automotive, Micromechanics, and Electronics—Tornos is uniquely positioned to partner with manufacturers, offering them support to deal with increasing product complexity, for example.


Tornos offers manufacturers professional, specialist solutions in the very demanding field of medtech. To meet the industry’s needs, major technical advances are required. Tornos relies on its own technologies, quality, and Medical & Dental experience to create solutions that keep manufacturers at the frontier of medtech innovation.


Tornos’ solutions for Medical & Dental range from the micro- and nano-precision Swiss-type SwissNano for dental applications such as implants and abutments; the Swiss-type SwissDECO for production of orthopedic nails; and the MultiSwiss multispindle machine solution for manufacturing long locking parts and screws for spine surgery.


SwissNano for flawless dental applications

Tornos’ SwissNano is the champion for manufacturing small—even micro—medical and dental parts requiring very high precision. The machine’s unique kinematics enable turning, drilling, cutting, deburring, roughing and finishing operations for the tiniest parts, whether simple or extremely complex. Behind the SwissNano is a machine concept delivering exemplary balance and thermal management allowing perfect results. This compact solution offers excellent accessibility for easy setup and can be used with a fixed/rotating guide bush—or no guide bush at all.


With all those attributes—as well as superb energy efficiency that boosts its sustainability profile—it’s no wonder the global dental implants manufacturing leader this year purchased 45 SwissNano 7 machines for installation in its plants in Brazil, the United States, and Switzerland.


“The SwissNano 7 was chosen because of its precision, quality, return on investment, and our experience throughout the medtech value chain,” says Tornos CEO Michael Hauser.


Tornos Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Jens Thing further detailed the SwissNano 7’s direct benefits to manufacturers in the Medical & Dental sector.


“Because the production of dental applications such as implants and abutments is subject to stringent standards governing quality, precision, and productivity, this model Swiss-type machine was selected. Behind the SwissNano series is a machine concept delivering exemplary balance and thermal management,” he says. “Our customer is able to boost productivity, reduce their costs per part, and produce perfect parts.”


SwissDECO and MultiSwiss for perfect implants

When it comes to implants—whether for dentistry or orthopedics—Tornos’ SwissDECO and MultiSwiss platforms deliver peerless productivity and quality.


The multitasking SwissDECO range represents Tornos’ vision of the future of the Swiss-type lathe. Its enhanced machining and tooling solutions make it superb for medtech applications. The compact SwissDECO enables highly productive, extremely precise and high-quality production of complex parts, thanks to its optimized programming tools and ideal ergonomics to speed up parts programming and shorten machine preparation and setup.


At the same time, Tornos’ MultiSwiss platform makes it possible for manufacturers to quintuple their productivity and secure their position in medtech. From screws for facial surgery and spinal fusion to various implants, the easy-to-use MultiSwiss consumes minimal floor space and boasts less tool wear and better surface finish than comparable solutions—all while allowing quicker reaction times, unique homogeneity of production results, and fast setup due to unique accessibility. So, manufacturers boost their productivity, reduce their cost per part, and produce perfect parts.


Visit today and learn how Tornos delivers honors it promise—“We keep you turning”—and helps medtech manufacturers worldwide outpace their competitors.