Moutier, 29/08/2022

Tornos takes things up a notch at AMB in Stuttgart and IMTS in Chicago

"We are taking things up a notch." This is the slogan that legendary Swiss automatic sliding headstock (Swiss-type) turning machine and multi-spindle machine manufacturer will adopt for the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart. Tornos will offer a similar introduction at IMTS in Chicago, which will take place during the same week in September. Tornos will be on stand A 11 in Hall 4 at AMB from September 13 to 17, and on stand 338578 at IMTS from September 12 to 17.


Existing and potential customers will receive a warm welcome at this autumn's two unmissable events. The trade fairs give Tornos the chance to demonstrate its machines in a context conducive to exchange and negotiation. After two years of the pandemic, everyone at Tornos is looking forward to rediscovering the joy of meeting customers in person, and exchanging ideas face-to-face, rather than through a screen.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany was quite a quiet market for the traditional lathe manufacturer, but now Tornos is getting back on track here, too. To coincide with AMB, Tornos is launching a new campaign on the German market, proving that the manufacture of dental implants on numerically controlled multispindle machines is a more economical alternative to traditional methods. The MultiSwiss is the jewel in Tornos' crown, demonstrating its technical excellence. This multispindle machine replaces up to five traditional sliding headstock lathes, both significantly decreasing the footprint and increasing productivity per square metre. The machine is so easy to program that even inexperienced operators can obtain excellent results. The hydrostatic spindle system allows premium surface finishes to be achieved, an absolute must in the dental industry.


The fact that Tornos plays a leading role not just in medical and dental technology, but also in the automotive industry, is proven by the two new Swiss DT 26 HP machines with six axes that will be unveiled for the first time at AMB alongside the SwissNano 10. The latter is a larger version of the SwissNano 4 and the SwissNano 7, which have already met with huge success in the micro-machining sector, particularly in medical and dental, watchmaking and electronics industries. With a capacity of 10 mm, this machine is now able to manufacture larger watch components, economically and with exact precision. With its six axes, the Swiss DT 26 HP is the pinnacle of flexibility and productivity and it has been specially designed to meet the needs of the electric mobility sector. The lineup for this trade fair is completed by a SwissDECO 36 TB and a Swiss GT 26, two tried-and-tested machines for the economical manufacture of standard turned parts which are highly complex yet require a high level of quality.


All the machines mentioned will be demonstrated using sophisticated workpieces. This reinforces the promise that “We are taking things up a notch,” and all visitors to AMB are invited to visit the Tornos stand at stand A 11, in Hall 4.


As for IMTS, Tornos will have a vast stand ready to welcome a huge number of visitors in the South Building, stand 338578. On display will be setups similar to those at AMB. For example, the dental implant will be made on the MultiSwiss 6x16. Customers will be able to discover amazing innovations, including the five-axis Swiss DT 26 HP which will demonstrate all of its astounding capacities, along with the SwissNano 7, which will be used to create a dental implant.


American visitors will be thrilled by the guest star: the return of one of Tornos' bestsellers, the DECO 10, which has undergone a stunning overhaul for its 25th anniversary. Customers who already own one will have the opportunity to trade in their old machine for a redesigned, higher-performance version.


Tornos looks forward to greeting you in person at long last—in the second week of September, either in Chicago or in Stuttgart—and helping assess your requirements. The exhibitions will provide the perfect opportunity to discover the full range of Tornos machines in the perfect context, conducive to dialogue and negotiation. Let's continue “Turning Together.”