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Segmented Threading With a Guide Bushing

Segmented Threading With a Guide Bushing

Swiss Machining a PERFECT Thread with a Macro

Presentation of a macro program on a Tornos machine for perfect machining.

BRILLIANT G-Code for Swiss Machining

Use of a G-Code for better parts.

Macro Programming is the Most Powerful Tool in Swiss Machining

Macro Programming is one of the most powerful tools on the Tornos GT 32 CNC machine. Donnie Hinske runs through his macro program from segment threading a brass bolt on the Tornos Swiss GT 32 and gives insight into what makes this type of programming so GENIUS.

NEW Entry Level Sliding Head Lathe | Swiss CNC Machine #2

We are building a Swiss Machining department in Texas!! Tornos delivers the 2nd of many more machines coming to our floor!

140 Year Old Swiss Builder Delivers 1st CNC Machine

We received our first-ever GT 32 Swiss Machine from Tornos at Titans of CNC. Come check it out! Comment what you want to see Donnie machine and he just might machine it!

SwissNano 10 - Precision

Say hello to the new SwissNano 10 : the perfect 10

Get nanoprecision at your fingertips.

TISIS Tutorials - Import a partial tool catalog

TISIS allows you to import a part of the tools from another part program.

Find out how to do it easily.

SwissNano 10 - Capacity

Say hello to the new SwissNano 10 : the perfect 10

Take your part production the next level with the new SwissNano 10.

Success Story #17 - Nicomatic & Tornos

NICOMATIC: bringing value to the customer

Nicomatic is a renowned French manufacturer in the high-end connectors and micro connector sectors. Its head office is based in Bons-en-Chablais, Haute-Savoie. The family-owned international group has spent more than 45 years developing and manufacturing innovative interconnector solutions for the aerospace, defence, medical and manufacturing industries.

Success Story #18 - Challamel & Tornos

Challamel Hervé: Speed, reliability and precision

Challamel Hervé is a small and extremely dynamic company located in Cluses, Haute-Savoie. Its credo is simple: It relies above all on efficiency and an irreproachable quality of execution of various machined parts. No customer return has been recorded in recent years in this company.

TISIS Tutorials - Customisable tools numbering

On Tornos machines, tool numbering is free and customizable. Find out how to easily customize the numbering of tools in TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - ISO format

Discover the "Format ISO" function of TISIS. This feature will standardize the form and syntax of all your programs.

TISIS Tutorials - Ergonomic display

Discover the ergonomics of the TISIS display. Its multiple possibilities of customization will meet all your expectations.

TISIS Tutorials - Drag & drop tool hoolder

Discover the improved ergonomics of TISIS with the "drag and drop" function.

TISIS Tutorials - Display tool holder

Find out how to change the display order of tool holders in TISIS.

TIP - Tornos Swiss DT 26 (Braket Removal)

More information about Swiss DT here.

TIP - Tornos Swiss DT 26 (Peripherals)

More information about Swiss DT here.

TISIS Tutorials - Discover

Discover the main steps for creating a part program with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Highlight critical path

Discover how TISIS highlights the critical path and allows you to simplify your cycle time optimizations.