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Success Story #17 - Nicomatic & Tornos

NICOMATIC: bringing value to the customer

Nicomatic is a renowned French manufacturer in the high-end connectors and micro connector sectors. Its head office is based in Bons-en-Chablais, Haute-Savoie. The family-owned international group has spent more than 45 years developing and manufacturing innovative interconnector solutions for the aerospace, defence, medical and manufacturing industries.

Success Story #18 - Challamel & Tornos

Challamel Hervé: Speed, reliability and precision

Challamel Hervé is a small and extremely dynamic company located in Cluses, Haute-Savoie. Its credo is simple: It relies above all on efficiency and an irreproachable quality of execution of various machined parts. No customer return has been recorded in recent years in this company.

TISIS Tutorials - Customisable tools numbering

On Tornos machines, tool numbering is free and customizable. Find out how to easily customize the numbering of tools in TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - ISO format

Discover the "Format ISO" function of TISIS. This feature will standardize the form and syntax of all your programs.

TISIS Tutorials - Ergonomic display

Discover the ergonomics of the TISIS display. Its multiple possibilities of customization will meet all your expectations.

TISIS Tutorials - Drag & drop tool hoolder

Discover the improved ergonomics of TISIS with the "drag and drop" function.

TISIS Tutorials - Display tool holder

Find out how to change the display order of tool holders in TISIS.

TIP - Tornos Swiss DT 26 (Braket Removal)

More information about Swiss DT here.

TIP - Tornos Swiss DT 26 (Peripherals)

More information about Swiss DT here.

TISIS Tutorials - Discover

Discover the main steps for creating a part program with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Highlight critical path

Discover how TISIS highlights the critical path and allows you to simplify your cycle time optimizations.

TISIS Tutorials - Count find & replace

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit TISIS einfach ISO-Codes zählen, finden und ersetzen können.

TISIS Tutorials - Create a specific tool holder

Discover “Article Editor” which will show you how to create a custom toolholder for its use in TISIS.

Grand opening Tornos plant in Kąty Wrocławskie Poland

Legendary know-how, rooted in Switzerland and thiriving in Poland: Rooted in Switzerland, Tornos has had a presence in Poland for more than 10 years—and with the recent grand opening of Tornos' new factory in Kąty Wrocławskie, Poland and Switzerland continue Turning Together to position customers for the success.

TISIS Tutorials - Automatic unit conversion

Find out how to easily convert a program from mm to inch or vice versa with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Comment

Find out how to comment and uncomment a part of the ISO code easily with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Compare two programs

Find out how to quickly compare two programs with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Move/Copy tool

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie dank TISIS ein Werkzeug einfach kopieren oder von einem Befestigungspunkt zu einem anderen verschieben können.

TISIS Tutorials - Programming wizard

Find out how TISIS simplifies your programming and opens up new machining possibilities with the programming wizards.

Tornos Tips & Tricks on TB DECO for MultiSwiss - Synchros

Thanks to Donato Notaro from the Tornos Academy, discover all the functions of TB-DECO, a user-friendly software that works in an intuitive and visual way. Today's topic is "Synchros".