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TISIS Tutorials - Import a partial tool catalog

TISIS allows you to import a part of the tools from another part program.

Find out how to do it easily.

TISIS Tutorials - Customisable tools numbering

On Tornos machines, tool numbering is free and customizable. Find out how to easily customize the numbering of tools in TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - ISO format

Discover the "Format ISO" function of TISIS. This feature will standardize the form and syntax of all your programs.

TISIS Tutorials - Ergonomic display

Discover the ergonomics of the TISIS display. Its multiple possibilities of customization will meet all your expectations.

TISIS Tutorials - Drag & drop tool hoolder

Discover the improved ergonomics of TISIS with the "drag and drop" function.

TISIS Tutorials - Display tool holder

Find out how to change the display order of tool holders in TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Discover

Discover the main steps for creating a part program with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Highlight critical path

Discover how TISIS highlights the critical path and allows you to simplify your cycle time optimizations.

TISIS Tutorials - Count find & replace

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit TISIS einfach ISO-Codes zählen, finden und ersetzen können.

TISIS Tutorials - Create a specific tool holder

Discover “Article Editor” which will show you how to create a custom toolholder for its use in TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Automatic unit conversion

Find out how to easily convert a program from mm to inch or vice versa with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Comment

Find out how to comment and uncomment a part of the ISO code easily with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Compare two programs

Find out how to quickly compare two programs with TISIS.

TISIS Tutorials - Move/Copy tool

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie dank TISIS ein Werkzeug einfach kopieren oder von einem Befestigungspunkt zu einem anderen verschieben können.

TISIS Tutorials - Programming wizard

Find out how TISIS simplifies your programming and opens up new machining possibilities with the programming wizards.