All in one

Just like the MultiSwiss, part of the SwissDECO's basic equipment is a container where the various peripherals it needs to run effectively are installed. This concept not only reduces the machine's footprint, but also simplifies its use, in particular enhancing its autonomy: the device is designed to reduce maintenance to a strict minimum. Depending on your requirements, SwissDECO can be equipped with a chip conveyor, a heat exchanger, a paper filtering device, various high pressure pump versions or even an oil mist filtering device, fitted on the machine's container.

These options are harmoniously integrated into the machine. The fact that this integration has been incorporated into the machine right from the design stage makes for a reduced footprint, hence the MultiSwiss can quickly find its place in the heart of any workshop. The machine is extremely compact thanks to the smart design of its peripherals.

Oil mist filtration device

Paper filtration device

400-liter oil tray


Spindle cooling unit

300-bar high-pressure pump, 7 l/min*

120-bar high-pressure pump, 15 l/min*

50 bar high pressure pump - 25 l/min*

Chip conveyor

10-bar pump

Parts outfeed with gripper*

Parts outfeed

Tornos Robobar SBF 538 bar feeder

* Option