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Tornos: an innovative, future-focused company

For more than 125 years, Tornos has been constantly innovating and adapting to industrial developments. Major investments have enabled the company to continually adapt to the needs of the market.

Our strategy provides a clear road map for making our vision a reality. This is achieved through global expansion, developing flexibility, growth through innovation, establishing Tornos Service as a business entity, enhancing our operational excellence, and delivering unique solutions for our target market segments.

Our company philosophy is firmly focused on our customers and builds on our strategy and values in order to provide our partners with the most well-adapted and competitive solutions.

It is our foundations and allow us to build our future. Our employees' skills provide the foundations for our growth. Their expertise, passion and skills enable them to develop, innovate and contribute to the development of Tornos and help us to thrive.

Tornos SA currently has more than 700 employees worldwide. More than half of our employees are based in Moutier, Switzerland, with the remainder located in production centers in Asia (China and Taiwan) and within our seven subsidiaries (the United States, Europe and Asia).