Moutier, 08/12/2017

With more than 40 apprentices in training, Tornos is focussed on the future

Apprenticeship is the cornerstone of the Swiss training system: more than two thirds of young people undertaking vocational education and training choose one of the 250 apprenticeships available. An apprenticeship is "secondary II" level post-compulsory training, leading to the award of a Swiss vocational training certificate (known as CFC). It is conducted either in a technical college, or in dual mode (in a technical college and a company placement). The training lasts three or four years, depending on the vocation chosen, and can be completed by a "maturité professionnelle", providing eligibility for degree-level studies, either at the end of the apprenticeship itself ("maturité intra-CFC") or by completing an additional year of studies ("maturité post-CFC"). This dual system occupies a central place in the Swiss economy: its combination of practical and theoretical learning is recognised and widely appreciated both nationally and internationally, in Europe and across the Atlantic. As a player in this economy, Tornos is no exception to the rule, training no fewer than 40 apprentices each year at our Moutier site, which is more than 10 percent of the total workforce.

Tornos offers apprenticeship placements in five key domains:

  1. Commercial employee CFC
  2. Interdisciplinary mechanic CFC
  3. Logistician CFC
  4. Draughtsman/builder CFC
  5. Computer programmer CFC

Work placements therefore cover both the company's traditional technical trades and the commercial domain. All the apprenticeships provide great preparation for the work market, and a very high rate of success—100 percent! At Tornos, commercial employee apprentices benefit from an exhaustive overview of their future career. During their training, to ensure their experience is as comprehensive as possible, they spend six months in different departments, such as accounts, after-sales service, sales, marketing, and even purchasing.

Each apprentice will be supervised during the three or four years by the Tornos teams, and will play a full role in company life. At the end of their apprenticeships, they will have acquired unique experience; a subtle blend of theory and practice at the heart of the company. The apprenticeship also serves as a springboard into one of the specialist technical universities thanks to the "maturité professionnelle" option. A large number of our apprentices go on to study at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Delémont, attracted by the quality of teaching at this school of management, and its geographic proximity. An increasing number of skilled apprentices, looking to get ahead in their chosen field, and even in our company, are choosing this route.

Tornos has a particularly close attachment to apprenticeships in the technical trades, for the simple reason that these are intrinsically connected to the products and expertise of the Swiss machine-tools manufacturer. In 2018, no fewer than 4 interdisciplinary mechanics, two draftsmen/builders, and one logistician will be taking up a three- or four-year placement at Tornos. They will help ensure the long-term future of the company's expertise. Without apprentices, their ingenuity, and their passion, it is safe to bet that the Jura Arc would not be the hub of the microtechnology industry that it is today. To ensure that this unique expertise is passed on, Tornos places particular emphasis on training and also encourages young women in training, as the latter remain a minority in the technical domains.

Apprentices are the creators and users of tomorrow when it comes to Tornos products, but they are also the ambassadors for the expertise of this entire region. At Tornos, we are fully committed to quality training for all. To find out more, please visit our website: