Moutier, 15/03/2022

The new SwissNano 10 to be unveiled at SIAMS 2022

As SIAMS takes place from April 5–8 at the Forum de l'Arc Jurassien in Moutier, Switzerland, Tornos will once again be playing the proximity and flexibility card by making it easy for guests to visits both Tornos’ stand in the heart of its show and the Tornos showroom, just a stone's throw from the exhibition. SIAMS is the perfect opportunity for Tornos to link past and future, tradition and innovation, with a preview of its brand-new Swiss-type machine, the SwissNano 10.


SIAMS is a key event in the microtechnology industry, attracting visitors from well beyond the borders of the Jura Arc region, and this year it will be held from April 5 to 8, 2022 at the Forum de l'Arc in Moutier. While SIAMS 2021 was a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers and exhibitors are excited to welcome guests face-to-face and on-site for SIAMS 2022. The event is a must for Tornos.


In order to offer visitors the opportunity to visit its brand-new showroom equipped with the entire range of Tornos machines at the same time as the SIAMS, Moutier based Tornos has decided, as it also did at EMO Milano 2021, to create a one-of-a-kind event. Tornos’ SIAMS 2022 formula—with a stand at the heart of SIAMS and the potential for guests to visit its showroom nearby the microtechnology exhibition—proved its worth in Italy. That approach which will undoubtedly appeal to SIAMS visitors who will appreciate this change of scenery, particularly the opportunity to rediscover machine tool industry historic milestones along the way. For Tornos, SIAMS offers an opportunity to recall that modern turning technology began in the very heart of its premises, where Nicolas Junker built and marketed his first automatic lathe in 1890, 131 years ago.


Visitors to Tornos’ SIAMS 2022 stand will have the opportunity explore Tornos’ proud legacy from its foundation to what it has become: a flourishing international company whose operational excellence continues to advance. From transformations to mergers, there have been many developments, which have led to a number of milestones.


Among Tornos’ greatest successes is the SwissNano—the micro and nano precision specialist. A jewel of precision, the SwissNano boasts a design and ergonomics that continue to surprise—and intrigue—manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Its precision makes the SwissNano one of the most popular machines when it comes to watchmaking, although it is particularly well suited to many market segments, such as Medical & Dental.


Efficient, extremely flexible, and powerfully ergonomic

Just like Tornos, the SwissNano continues to evolve as the engine of success for those who dare to be different. Specialized in micro and nano precision, the brand-new SwissNano 10 increases productivity by at least 40 percent. Despite its small size, the SwisssNano does not shy away from even the most difficult challenges. Now capable of machining parts up to 100 mm in length, the SwissNano once again stands out as the ideal solution for any workshop looking to boost its productivity and efficiency. Its footprint remains modest, despite an integrated chip conveyor, since it has been ingeniously placed under the bar feeder. This is an adapted solution that allows for optimal management, even in a restricted space. Additionally, the SwissNano's lower power consumption makes it a particularly energy-efficient machine.

All SwissNano machines were designed to produce small parts requiring very high precision. The machines’ kinematics allow them to produce a large number of watch movement parts, from simple to complex--including, for example, gear hobbing—with excellent surface finishes. The SwissNano’s competence does not stop at watchmaking but include all types of parts requiring extreme quality and precision. The SwissNano’s kinematic structure was conceived for balance and its exemplary thermal management allows a very fast warm-up.


Joining the SwissNano 4 and SwissNano 7 on the market, the brand-new SwissNano 10 completes and expands the range. It will make its debut on April 5 on the Tornos stand at SIAMS, the ideal setting for such a jewel and one that will soon become the favorite machine of any cutting-edge bar-turning workshop.