Moutier, 05/06/2023

Tornos to showcase its high-precision watchmaking and jewelry solutions at EPHJ trade show

For the past 20 years, the unique EPHJ trade show has brought together professionals from the high-precision watchmaking, jewelry, microtechnology and medtech industries. Tornos is a long-standing participant in this international hub for innovation and business between professionals. This year, for this eagerly awaited event, Tornos will present its dedicated solutions and legendary know-how on its stand (Hall 2, stand B88) from June 6 to 9, 2023. Tornos invites guests to discover the many possibilities offered by its machines for the mass production of timepieces and jewelry.


The world of high precision will meet tomorrow at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. Some 800 exhibitors will demonstrate their expertise at the EPHJ. Attracting no fewer than 20,000 visitors each year, this show has become a must-attend for Tornos, which is distinguished by over 140 years of producing ultra-precision machines for manufacturing turned watch parts.


Building on its vast experience in this field, Tornos decided in 2021 to strengthen its presence in the fast-growing high-end jewelry market. In this way, Tornos draws on its solid skills and legendary know-how to meet the particularly high demands and requirements of this fascinating world.


This dynamic industry is undergoing a major transformation. To meet their customers’ demands, players in the sector must be responsive to important trends and developments. The jewelry market is also booming.


The jewelry industry is still essentially local, but the trend is toward internationalization, the growth of branded products and a reconfiguration of the various distribution channels. For some time now, luxury jewelry has been undergoing a major shift, moving from traditional workshops to a phase of industrialization.


This shift in production methods is now a reality. While artisans and local brands will probably still be able to make a living, some observers predict that the 10 biggest jewelry houses will have doubled their market share within a short amount time, thanks particularly to the acquisition of local players. While part of the manufacturing process is still carried out by hand, the acceleration in jewelry consumption and sales is driving market players to industrialize certain processes in order to increase their production rates.


Aware of this important change, and backed by its many years of experience in the luxury goods sector, Tornos is well equipped to meet this demand, thanks to its high-performance, highly efficient turning and milling solutions, which offer superb precision and an unrivaled finish. With its long experience in luxury watchmaking, Tornos solutions meet all the challenges of fine jewelry.


Tornos puts watch- and jewelry makers on the path to highly cost-effective production, thanks to its modular, space-saving solutions. Metal recovery is always a tricky business when it comes to precious materials, but the solutions developed by Tornos specifically for these markets have more than mastered the art. In line with jewelers' objective of recovering 99.5 percent of machined precious metals, Tornos machines can be equipped to optimally recover precious metal shavings for recycling.

Tornos stand at EPHJ from June 6 to 9 will be well worthwhile: Guests will witness the creation of a pendant part on the famous BA 1008, combined with the incomparable talent of the SwissNano. These two machines maximize productivity per square meter, thanks to their light weight and small footprint, which means they can be placed in even the tightest spaces. The BA 1008 and SwissNano 4 also offer great flexibility in production batches, enabling finishing to be carried out even in confined spaces.


Like a precious stone that redoubles its brilliance when cut, Tornos delivers equal brilliance in terms of speed, efficiency and flexibility to the makers of watches and fine jewelry. Putting trust in Tornos can ensure a future as bright as a river of diamonds.