Moutier, 02/09/2016

Tornos to showcase seven solutions at IMTS 2016

Manufacturers from throughout North America and the world will experience seven success-triggering solutions in the Tornos Technologies U.S. booth at the International Manufacturing Technologies Show (IMTS) 2016, one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. IMTS takes place September 12-17 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, IL (U.S.).

In line with Tornos’ promise, “We keep you turning,” visitors to Tornos’ 1,500-square-feet booth at IMTS exhibition space S-8275 will see the company’s products producing real parts in real time. Tornos solutions in the spotlight at IMTS include:

- The new Swiss GT 26 B seven-axis machine for easily manufacturing even the market’s most complex parts. At IMTS, the machine will be equipped with Tornos’ Industry 4.0-enabling TISIS code editing software and the new TISIS CAM, a computer-aided manufacturing solution specially developed for programming your machines to tackle complex operations. The Swiss GT 26 B with B axis, with an innovative design ensuring good rigidity, is unique to the market in two ways: Its modular B axis accommodates for example thread whirling, and it is equipped with 9,000 rpm spindle. With the Swiss GT 26 B, capable of simple to highly complex applications, Tornos takes the Swiss-type lathe into a new era and provides a solution to help manufacturers gain a competitive edge in new and lucrative industrial segments.

- SwissNano, the champion for manufacturing small workpieces requiring very high precision. The machine’s unique kinematics enable turning, drilling, cutting, deburring, roughing and finishing operations allowing it to produce two-thirds of watch movement components—from the simple to the most complex—and it’s equally adept at executing micro medical and dental parts with extreme quality and precision. Behind the SwissNano is a machine concept delivering exemplary balance, and its thermal management allows operating temperature to be reached rapidly so that you’re quickly on your way to achieving perfect results. This compact solution offers excellent accessibility for easy setup, and can be used with a fixed/rotating guide bush—or no guide bush at all.

- Swiss DT 13 high-performance Swiss-type lathe with five linear axes, two C axis, and an array of productivity-enhancing functions. This successor to Tornos’ Delta 12 has Swiss-made key components, including guide bushings and spindles. With its maximum feed rates of 35 mm/m and L-type kinematics, the Swiss DT 13 is blazing fast and delivers remarkable chip-to-chip times. Its spindles can be operated at up to 15,000 rpm, a speed typically reserved for more high-end machines. The Swiss DT 13’s motorized synchronous guide bush, which can reach maximum spindle speed, improves machining accuracy, workpiece surface finish, and can save you valuable time when machining long parts. Moreover, many peripherals for the Swiss DT 13 are compatible with Tornos Swiss GT and Swiss ST machines, and the Tornos Machine Interface (TMI) makes it very user friendly.

- EvoDECO 10, representing the pinnacle of the Tornos range. Designed for the most demanding machining operations and users, EvoDECO machines are the market’s most powerful and productive. Boasting unparalleled flexibility, the EvoDECO range efficiently produces the most complex workpieces while delivering blazing fast setup changes. The EvoDECO 10 has four independent tool systems and10 linear axis with an independent counter spindle and combined unit. Moreover, it has 22 tool positions including 10 rotating positions. With its wide selection of peripherals and devices, high-output and high-torque motor spindles, the EvoDECO 10 is a go-to solution for machining a vast range of parts, from bone screws and other tiny parts for medical and dental technology to contacts for electronic components and aerospace.

- MultiSwiss 6x16 with Y axis. Accommodating workpieces up to 16 mm in diameter and 40 mm long, the MultiSwiss 6x16 has 14 linear axis and seven C axes. Productivity can be further boosted by the addition of an available Y axis. This solution based on an “all-in-one” concept combines the benefits of single-spindle turning machines with the advantages of multi-spindle machines. Highly productive, just one MultiSwiss 6x16 can replace five single-spindle lathes while providing you with more space, productivity and satisfied customers. Thanks to its motorized barrel, the MutliSwiss 6x16 achieves the same production rates as cam-type machines—but with even quieter operation. Its superb ergonomics, incorporating front access and integrated peripherals, make setup a snap, and its simplified programming makes it easy for single-spindle operators to get great results. Its seven ultra-dynamic and entirely independent spindles allow angular positioning and optimal speeds in each position. Since each spindle has its own Z axis with hydrostatic bearings, you get flawless finishes and extend the lifetime of your tools by 30 to 40 percent.

- SAS 16.6 cam-operated multi-spindle solution with a programmable control. This tried-and-true machine launched in 1954 is legendary for its reliability, precision, productivity and profitability. Capable of producing up to 80 parts per minute, holding exceptional tolerances and delivering high-quality finishes, the SAS 16.6 has proven itself a favorite among existing users. Manufacturers turn to the SAS 16.6 for a wide variety of applications, from small fuel injection and hydraulics parts for automotive, to precision brass parts for fire sprinkler systems. With its indexing speed and 205-degree work zone, this rigid solution offers excellent distribution of cutting operations, accurate spindle speed, and increased productivity.

- The new ESCO NM6 Flexi, unlike conventional lathes, is based on a unique concept in which the material—coil stock or bar—does not rotate. Instead, the cutting tools mounted on the spinning tool head rotate around the material. This concept contributes to extremely high performance and cost savings in the manufacture of small, medium and large lot size parts. With its new design and the use of two completely independent cross tables for the front and back machining units, the NM6 Flexi surpasses flexibility and performance limits. Two parts can be machined at the same time: one in the turning and front machining unit and the other positioned in the counter spindle via back and side operations. The NM6 Flexi features four turning tools on the rotating tool head and a choice of cutting tools or inserts, as well as flexibility of straightening due to the machine’s electric drive and programming from the console. Straightening quality is improved through control of the rotational and traverse speed. Your operator’s ease of use is ensured by simple front access and easy programming using the latest Fanuc Oi-TF control technologies.

Visitors to Tornos’ booth at IMTS will also experience the real value Tornos Service delivers throughout the full product life cycle. The company’s productivity-enabling services include start-up assistance; expert training and coaching; free hotline; on-site operations support and preventive maintenance; original spare parts seamlessly delivered worldwide; complete overhauls to extend the longevity of Tornos machines; and a range of operations and X-change Modules to expand your application capabilities and profitability.